Shootouts Are A JOKE In NHL 15

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Jacksongamer2: Why is everyone talking about glitches is that bad

Anon Gaming: Now you can and everybody rams you, hitting the puck is optional

Nathaniel Torgerson: I agree

Natalia Lowe: bac

Carter Peters: Please glitch is not a swear word

CheeseKing777: In nhl 14, there was an exploit where you go right, then switch to going left in the middle of the hash. Release once you're centered on net and it's a free goal cuz the goalie keeps sliding on his pads.

CheeseKing777: There was a great exploit in nhl 14 where you go right and then halfway through the hash start going left. Release right in the middle and it's a goal cuz the goalie kept sliding sideways.

Stephane Gagne: i love all your videos, you should work at EA Sports, they need help cause they dont know crap about hockey, good job buddy

Quinton Champagne: I agree

w.KillaWatts: You can control goalies in shootouts you just do goalie mode you still get to control you player but you get to play as your goalie to

iCe Media Productions: YOU'RE a Joke Bacon.. and yes.. you can ONLY compete by desperately relying on glitch abuse with overrated teams. you should actually try playing real hockey just once in your life, kiddo.

Carmen Derosi: i agree.

pardeep dosanjh: Bacon nice vid he needs to pay!!!!!

J Mouch: "Control your goalie bro!"

Max Renauldo: Love how you get mad at people for doing glitch goals but that is all you do.

TBJaysTalk: I was in overtime with this guy we had such a good game going it was 3-3, and he got a penalty shot and glitched me, I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs because it cost me the division 1 title.

Gabe: You can't do any moves lol

Zoo York: You can control goalies in a shootout

Nation Of Domination: The 141 people that disliked it all suck at goalie thats why they like it

Aidan Mayberry: Bacon hoe old are you??? Love your videos though man they make me laugh so hard every time!!!
Shootouts are a JOKE in NHL 15 5 out of 5

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Shootouts are a JOKE in NHL 15