Donald Trump Speaks At Amherst Reception

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FULL. President Trump Commencement Speech at Liberty University. May 13. 2017.
FULL. President Trump Commencement Speech at Liberty University. May 13. 2017.
New Hampshire has official Trump campaign visit
New Hampshire has official Trump campaign visit
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Jehovah's Witnesses on Cart Ministry discuss: I ask Timothy to explain Matthew 28:18
Donald Trump For President 2016 ? - TRUMP'S VIEWS
Donald Trump For President 2016 ? - TRUMP'S VIEWS
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Robert Martel: He is the Man that speaks to the Common Man!!!!!!! Trump for President 2016!!!!! and forget Jeb Bush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's all we need is another Bush in office!!!!!!!!And another Hillary Clinton in Office!!!!!!!!!!!! get rid of them they are not for the People!!!!!

Chris Mak: I am so voting for Trump!!

Amparo Espinosa: Yes, Mr. Trump, you are not politician, as everybody knows, BUT WHAT THE HECK!!!! You are the only one bringing out what Americans needs!!!! I'm spanish by the way ( CUBAN) , so count with my vote!!!

expsterm1: Illegal immigration - what is it about "illegal" people don't understand?  All people, including a lot of Hispanics I know, who stand in line, obey the rules, goes through the process to gain legal status, agree and stand with Donald Trump.

ChannelMath: he talks about politicians are dumb, and says "I've made a lot of money dealing with politicians. If you can't make money dealing with politicians you're dumb" (8:30)
He also admits to donating to both parties and making his patriotic Trump ties in China.

So Trump's whole sales pitch is "I've been ripping American taxpayers and consumers off big time, so vote for me because I know what's wrong with America"

Barry Jones: Maybe he could file for bankruptcy eight times like he did with all of these companies

Jaime Silva: im Spanish and I will vote Trump - i was not offended by his announcement nor did i take offense to it - I understood in context exactly what he was saying and btw trump supports the merit system - a lot of bad people are coming across the border that should be sent back and the good ones who contribute to society will have a path to residency - the opportunity to achieve the american dream is there always as long as you are not a criminal you have nothing to worry about ... nbc / univision all owned by left wing supporters making this a race issue fueling the Spanish community with divisive political/racial tactic .. very sick .. i hope people can really see what evil exist right now in politics  from both sides .. we need action , we need Trump !!!

Jaime Silva: Trump for president yes !!! He is on point with the issues and he truly loves this country.

Bobby Weedman: Trump, right now, sounds super.

Midnight Ryder: There's no one like Trump. He's good at what he does, and loves the country too. There is no one in power over this country, or in any office with the same combination. In fact they all hate this country and the military or it wouldn't in the shape its in now!! Donald Trump really could fix all that, when no one else running could ever fix anything. They don't know how!! And right now people, I would not discredit anyone who had the ability to take action to get that job done. No one could be known or remembered for a greater deed than saving our country!!

chicagoelectricbicyc: HES GOT MY VOTE !

Gamali Mongi: haters everywhere

kexik 7777: He's by far the best to listen to if you wanna know what's going on, and the worst to listen to in terms of a probable 4-year switch))

jwithJ: "some are horrible human beings -- who cares?"

Tsnore: Trump, what a self-promoting wanker!
Donald Trump speaks at Amherst reception 5 out of 5

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Donald Trump speaks at Amherst reception