Aid Charade: UK Wants 'peanuts' Back

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Avishkar Patel: I liked when westeners cry on the issues of is india is poor or not ??

Rahul Rao: Thieves make noice

Indiancrab: who freaking care ,,,, let them return our 2.5 trillion stolen from 1785 upto 1947.. freaking brit thugs.

Ring Neck: India has an official policy of not accepting aid from any foreign country. So if the UK govt is not giving aid to the Govt of India, where exactly is the aid going? Which orgs in India are getting this aid? I bet half of it goes to evangelical organisations and the other half as bribes for god knows what purpose. The British are an asshole. Fk the British. They divided india and gifted the half to the Muslims as a form or farewell gift for being their allies during their rule on Hindu/Sikh India.

rajib chakroborthy: urs all wealth is looted from India return it or one day we will forcefully take it back

Abhilash Raj: India doesn’t consider UK as equal. UK is a tiny piece of land as compared to India.

Nithish KM: A**** British people

Kunal Bahuguna: Brit media is quiet dumb. 600 million? The figure is less than 200 million

Akash Guha Thakurata: We don't need your aid, only if British understood that this miserable condition of Indians is due to their mis administration, they looted, plundered and wrecked our economy. Their queen's crown has the stolen Indian diamond Kohinoor. Though I appreciate British for bringing a sense of discipline, etiquettes, western education, etc during that era. Thank You.

aaaa1111: Please make your Quuen stand on Soho-London street.. you'll get your peanuts back. Your ancestors have blood on their hands,,, consequently even you have it on your hands..

Love Helper: yah great burglar stolen all golds, diamonds kills lots of people and u r great bloody divide and rule that's u r policy and u r great u have not power to fight face to face and u r great

magadh samrat: UK send money to India to convert Hindu to Christan. As Indian I request to British people kindly stop sending money to us ..

yovikrant raje: Racism spotted. Jealous britss

tmichael25: We don't need their filthy money let the barking anglo dogs bark

Indraneel Deshmukh: he he, your queen is still wearing diamond, and look at their hypocracy, i am against their peanut aid becoz it indirectly goes to ngos cum missionaries, converting people to christanity😂

Sharad Jain: 😁😁 get the freak out and take your peanuts we do not required .

CINEMA TRENDINGS: Motherfreaker just payback just what you stole.

CINEMA TRENDINGS: You can't afford it then sell your queen.

DILSHAN HADI: India's 10.7 trillion dollar GDP(Purchasing power) is growing with 1.2 trillion dollar per year which will grow with 2.5+ trillion dollar per year after a few years which is almost equal to whole GDP(Purchasing power) of Britain.
They are making too much fun.

Philip Christopher: New Delhi, Money must become worthless then see what Indian Foreign Minister & politicians might say????? About Aid!
Aid Charade: UK wants 'peanuts' back 5 out of 5

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Cherry Davis: Hi Kawaii hmm I wouldn't take a child under 10 to see this since it has fantasy violence and the middle part is sort of slow for kids (as the explain the fairytale).  
Avishkar Patel: I liked when westeners cry on the issues of is india is poor or not ??
RNGC BunnyHOpper: 87 overall
Coolpig Mac: Cod is better than battlefield who agrees
PacoVL46: They probably had them custom made. There's companies out there that can make you whatever you want. Google will definitely be able to find one.
Pouty: how much was the conjuring 2?

Aid Charade: UK wants 'peanuts' back