Aid Charade: UK Wants 'peanuts' Back

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DailyHacks: hahha bunch of loosers they no if they stop aids kohinoor will be back to India with billions of gems and the word loot

Santanu Dutta: It didn't take a decade but only 5 years to overtake freaking British economy

Ajay Jayasankar: Through Evangelic Christian converting crusaders to convert Hindus and Muslims these funds are used not for any development. Like compassionate for which John Kerry advocated .. we don't want your peanuts but acknowledge that you are living like this insane coz your "raj" looted us for 200 years. And last but not the least you guys have a legacy of thief.. the biggest scoundrels the man kind ever seen .. karma will plays it part ..😊😊

Cutie Pie: Even if the whole UK is put for sale than also UK will fail to pay even one fourth of the amount which they looted and robbed from India.And that is only about India there were other colonies which were looted and robbed by Britain.

Anu Pandey: And yes we don't need your money...

Anu Pandey: Yeah they can take back their aid...These doesn't go to Govt it goes to NGO and missionaries who converts in christianity for money.

Allwyn Freeze: The brit govt at the insistance of dear queen gives aid becoz it feeds her ego. Her Majesty is unable to digest India's independence & eventual rise to prominence.

Rishab mistry: 270 million aid money and all these chav out there protesting.
I guess the blood of beggars flow after all
Lol 270 million what a disaster ?
Our government spends double of that on fertiliser subsidies

Chaitanya Bhargava: freak british...suck your kings rooster

Rohit Jha: I am an Indian and I want the UK to stop giving money to India.
Most of these funds go to either corrupt politicians or Christian Missionaries.

rah aw06: Its India time to freak UK back

rah aw06: UK is freaking jealous of India's Space programme

Harjeet Kumar: UK has looted India for 200 years so while returning peanuts is hurting you

DILSHAN HADI: So funny...India is not USA or EU and not Britain at all....Today India's GDP(PPP) is 10 trillion dollar in 2017 and USA or EU's GDP(PPP) is about 20 trillion dollar with 1 or 2% growth rate...India is growing with 7-8% growth rate..but India(1.35 billion population in 2017) has to add 400 million more people to its population by 2050. So, I think India will soon grow with 8-9% or 9-10% GDP growth rate... EU and USA should understand that they can't compete with India or China in economic race...and EU and USA should not fool their people and world...

bugoutboy: I know people who cant buy food in uk

MercyReaper: If you call hundreds of millions every year is peanuts then your a rich freaker! Britain has given India tens of billions in the past 20 years. And Britains money has been made in the past 50 years not the freaking British empire days you Indian retards!! Go freak yourself and stop crapting in the streets! Indian scum stop being pickles to Great Britain! We are Great for a reason! There's not a country called great India! Because you still crap on the streets and in public! The west stoped that crap in the dark ages!! Retarded Indians!

Sunny 001: history repeats... british stole indian wealth

vorem krishna: i want Prince William wife as exchange for UK loot from India

Shireesh S.Banerjee: You British Thieves.. You're not doing any favor on is by providing aid. It's your ancestors who stole all of our wealth and vanished.Better continue to give till the next century

mk makoĆș: your 1 billion is worthless son of ab***ch
Aid Charade: UK wants 'peanuts' back 5 out of 5

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Aid Charade: UK wants 'peanuts' back