Shannon Tracey - Female Comedy Monologue

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Kearstin Mathews: Literally so funny!!!! I love the way you act this out!

renaeelizabeth: haha love it- AND you are gorg! you remind me so much of minnie driver and i'm all about her!!

AliGomie: I’m so in love with this

Victor Valderrama: I liked it. It does have punchlines that are well structure in the piece of literature. You really gotta teach me how to write monologues. I'm also passionate on comedy.

MC Kepitz: People always assume that I’m shallow because I’m really pretty. But no I’m really not. I’m not shallow at all. Like the guy I’m seeing right now isn’t even good looking. I’m serious. No one is ever like ‘who’s that?’. They’re like ‘what happened?’. Is he ill? Should we call someone? I’ve just never cared about that stuff. Ya know? And he’s so rich…
People always assume I’m shallow, because I’m really really pretty you know? But I’ve never been shallow, like the guy I’m seeing at the moment, isn’t even that good looking. I mean, no one’s ever there like, “Oh my god, who’s that?” They’re like, “Oh my god, what happened?” Is he ill? Do you need to call someone? But none of that really matters to me. I mean he’s just so... rich. It’s not really come up before. He’s like one of the guys from “The Hills... Have Eyes.” You know I’ve been thinking about getting some work done on him, and I really think I’m gonna do it. To be honest, we’re actually going through a break up at the moment. Well he doesnt’ know yet technically, I’m just cheating on him. But I threw him a surprise party, the other day, it wasn’t his birthday or anything like that. I just... wanted a really cute way to tell him he had HPV (or HIV), you know? He was so surprised, like SO suprised. I probably shound’t have invited hims mum though....?

Rose Gilbert: Where’s this from?

Megan Tremethick: You've done an excellent job at coming across convincing in this role - that you believe you're in the right, which is fantastic! Really great job. I also have done some monologues, if you wouldn't mind giving me some feedback? ^_^ x

Juyeon Song: Hi! I loved your monologue! Can I ask you the name for this monologue? :)

Nicole Shaye-anna: Love this! So funny. Great job!

Madaja Farmer: This was really funny and you are amazingly talented!

Bella Brown: This was good!! Keep up the good work. Check my work out too!

Danimotion: Great job!

Mya Nicole: what is the title and author of this monologue?

Mani .k: Fantastic, loved it, really funny!

Maxime Nederpelt: Hey! I saw this and I loved your adaptation! I did my own! It would mean so much if you checked it out :)

Holly Weckman: I love the way this was premeditated with such a fine-tuned care! Bravo! I subbed :D

Samira Perez: Love ur accent

Michaela Mar: Is this from a play? or is it a stand alone?

Tisha James: please what is this called!! i want to do this and cannot find the name anywhere

Ally Roenfeldt: Love your timing and your nonchalant way of approaching the little zingers.
Shannon Tracey - Female Comedy Monologue 5 out of 5

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Kearstin Mathews: Literally so funny!!!! I love the way you act this out!
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Shannon Tracey - Female Comedy Monologue