Betta Fish Update+Haul

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Betta Fish Haul
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Nathanblackeagle: u blooping idiot! bettas cant be together! idiot!

Maddie Grace: I know this was from like 2 years ago, but I'd suggest to anyone watching this- don't just pour the new betta in with your other betta. If the new betta is sick, then you just contaminated your other betta. When introducing FEMALE bettas, you should put the new one in a plastic bag with water and let it float in the tank with the other betta. They will check each other out, and it gets the new betta used to the water temp. If possible, you should have at least five females together because if it's any less then the chance of bullying or even killing is very likely. Male bettas can NOT live together but females can sometimes live together if there is s couple of them. And it honestly just depends on the personality of the betta. One female might be super territorial and not want to live with anyone. You never know so it is a big risk.

Donna McDonell: You're not supposed to put Betta fish together!!! If you cared for your fish right that wouldn't of happened.

Jakendrick WatkinsTv: I love that iMovie effect's !!!

Zoey B: Some times female bettas can go in the same tank, but its not recommended, because they are called Siamese fighting fish for a reason, they usually fight to the death. But, sometimes they don't. But if your worried why your bettas are fighting, thats why.

monarch puppet: and your gonna probably end up putting your fish into shock.

monarch puppet: you really shouldn't keep to bettas together, you need 5+ females or they will fight, no wonder why you had to return the other one. buy another tank.

BettaFish2002: I really like your channel, and I just created this channel, if you could spread the word about this channel and subscribe, that would be awesome!

datinyone: Old video, so I'm not sure if you know this by now, but it's not a good idea just pouring the whole cup in your tank like that. If the new fish was sick at all you could spread it to the other fish. You're contaminating your tank :) put a net over a bucket (or sink) and slowly pour the new fish into the net then put the net in tank :)

bronxville1000: don't keep betta fish in the same tank they will end up killing each other but they make great pets

TropicalFish Bettas: don't be a hater

TropicalFish Bettas: also jello is gourgous

TropicalFish Bettas: guys maybe shes new with fish be nice

Link: You suck! Don't keep 2 Bettas in the same place

Andrew Saminathan: They were spawning if they were chasing each other around.

Daniel Loung: Bettas are worth it. Theyre cheap and last if you have the roght or average things

Animals Are Awesome: Hi like your vids I subscribe can u check out mine and subscribe

Emil Battad: There's a 50% chance that they might be sisters

beebo trash: Beta fish are very aggressive when kept together! I would not recommend this!

Gocha Snail: That's why the store sells Betta fish seperatly. They will fight till death.
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May Gonzales: you sound really mean
Nathanblackeagle: u blooping idiot! bettas cant be together! idiot!
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Betta Fish Update+Haul