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Hieu Le: what is it weight?
Tech2 Marcraft: Right now I am dealing with a router that the compact flash card was stolen out of a school lab. I bought a non-cisco flash card but I need to format the card before installing the iOS. How do I do that?
Robloxian_rampage101: I'm going full screen!! Yaaaaaaaaaa! (Takes out a double barrel shotgun)
ryanorly: whyd it end like that? the mic was fine!
Liam Cooke: love it so much that i wanted to watch all your awesome videos. p.s have any ideas to make a video taper that transfers all your videos on to youtube. if you have i had it to.
sega dude: normal mew sp hoot sp messenger link rafflesia and clown to decode talker make invoker sp messenger tiaramisu?
Pexi: kannst du mal ein Lösungsvideo machen zum Crystalminx? :)

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