Copper Knife Review - As Seen On TV

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Copper Knife Review - As Seen on TV
Copper Knife Review - As Seen on TV
Copper Knife Review
Copper Knife Review
Copper knife review
Copper knife review
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I want to address a couple of comments and questions that come up over and over again.

1. I've been mercilessly criticized for the way I cut cheese in this video LOL. I don't usually saw through cheese like that, but it didn't slice through in one nice clean push either. The cheese was soft and sticky and this knife didn't do a great job of gliding through it. I wouldn't use this knife for cutting soft cheese.

2. The knife is not actually made of copper. It is stainless steel with a copper-colored non-stick coating.

3. There have been a number of suggestions for the way I should have tested the knife. Some saying that I should have cut a rock or a brick to make it dull and some saying I should only use it on food items for a proper test.

I didn't use a rock or a brick because I didn't want to make it dull in 2 seconds, I wanted to simulate using the knife over a period of time. Which is also the reason I didn't use it only for cutting tomatoes. I didn't want to spend 6 months making a Youtube video. I was trying to get it done in one day.

These are the recurring themes coming up in a lot of the comments. If you have some other comment, please feel free to post it. If you're going to comment on the cheese cutting, the way I tested the knife or tell me that copper is a soft metal and not a good material to make a knife out of, you can do so if you like, but I won't be responding to those any longer because I've done so too many times already.

For those of you who enjoyed the video, thanks for watching. For those of you who like to find creative ways to insult me, thanks for watching. For those of you who lack creativity in your insults, get a life. And thanks for watching.

Ronald Edwards: That knife sucks

Trish King: I have this knife and I just had to sharpening it

Frosch Reiniger: Sandwich roll ?! dude thats a Brötchen.

Romeo M: Can you try the famous ciramic kinfe is say that last for a life time sharp.

Caligula6 Shoshon: Test the knife in a pull out couch matress with olive loaf on it.

Caligula6 Shoshon: That's a big ass block of cheese

Jack in Black: I question your cheese purchasing decisions

Harry Knows: Well you'd have to be brain dead to believe a knife doesn't need sharpening.
You could have dulled the knife is many ways. but what's the point we all know it will need sharpening at some point it's called physics.
Just a note: Isn't it strange the fascination with all things "copper"? Pure marketing ploy with no basis in reality. Copper a soft conductive metal has it's uses but implying some sort or strength with the metal is absurd.
And the BS copper infused knee braces, socks etc. Good grief. The govt cracked down on some of those claims that copper heals etc. You won;t hear that crap on their ads anymore.

ht: i thought for a moment that he was gonna chop his finger off to test the sharpness.

Edward Kalina: Maybe someone need to teach him how to use a knife

Diuver Montero: Not to defend any knife company, least of all this "copper" franchise, but whenever a knife maker states "never needs sharpening", they actually mean "won't require a whetstone for 7 years" since most of these items are expected to have a lifespan of 7 years. So really they do expect you to use a steel comb or chef iron to maintain the edge. Not bad for a couple bucks but any knife with proper maintenance and use can be this great or better.

pierson allison: You have to wet the hair before doing that test

Richard Van-Den-Heede: Stop saying you sliced cheese. You hacked at it. Your sandwiches must be crap. Your cheese crumbled and your pretty tight with your cheese.
Cut your wrists and see how long it lasts

Tatermna05: Do you have a wife? cause you just make me happy when I watch you like and sub.

John Parker: You look like Agent Smith from the Matrix. This is crazy!!!

Oof DED: 0:17 roasted

Felipe Solorzano: My guy shaved his arm hairs with the knife 😂 Us guys know we would do the same thing with anything that is sharp

Ever Martinez: On your thumbnail XD

Mr. jones: Nice vid...but what caught me..isthe texture of paper change..could have played a slight test difference...3:11& 8:16..earlier its part of sales insert book which is fairly thicker u can even hear the difference from the later sales paper part..which is not as sturdy as the first piece ...(just saying fairness to the blade to stay on testing course with same resistance)👍👍but great vid in all..thnx4the time../
Copper Knife Review - As Seen on TV 5 out of 5

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Copper Knife Review - As Seen on TV