D.I.Y. Stick N' Poke Tattoo

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D.I.Y. Stick N' Poke Tattoo VLOG 4

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Muffin Girl: Diy grounded

Brody Feline: When will you all wake up and realize that the government is using ink as mind control. (Bush told me himself so it’s all cool.) Either way you are all sheep that probably rely on conventional news outlets for your current happenings rather than psychics and the wholesome food referred to as grain wheat. Go enjoy some fiber cereals to cure your stupidity. Bounced on my boi for hours to this thanks and bye.

novastic deer: y do ppl waste their money and do this, they can use like markers and stuff, what if you regret it or something

void edits: Can you do this in your inner lip?

nixktheprick: Do they stay?

Survey Brook: well, it worked. two years later, and it's still there. a little surprised it didn't get infected because obviously doing this is pretty dumb but hey - i knew it was dumb before i did it 😂

cringe maker ;-;: I searche dup for kids and got this......well watching it anyways....XD

ThatGuyWithTheCamera: Does this hurt? And how long does it stay on for?

rowan trout: will this stay forever?????

Juntsu _Ji: KIDS! DON'T DO IT AT HOME!!!

Juyriding: I'm freaking doing this in this summer (2018) I'll film it even

Jodi F: do you think this would hurt or not really?

Cindy R: OMG we did this crap 40 years ago and wishing now we hadn’t. Go to a professional please!!

Me, Alex: Step 1: Grab a pen
Step 2: Open the pen
Step 3: Draw on your arm with the pen

Anne Crane: I've had a stick and poke for about 6 months and no infection, no fading, no scarring. It's fine if u do it right and take care of it afterward!

Leah Guthrie: I actually want to do this

Neuroblaster: nobody understood that this is OBVIOUSLY a troll

Aruba Gaming: When your dead inside and wanna die but you only have a tooth pick and ink from a broken pen

Aruba Gaming: Does that last forever?

Buse Zg: ❤❤
D.I.Y. Stick N' Poke Tattoo 5 out of 5

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Jerrythe coo: Beautiful looking bike& in great shape for its age.
Robin Doeve: I'm mad there still isn't a proper Pink Champagne single yet.
None of the other colors are as perfect for me. And there's no proper dupe either 😢

Todd Swansby: I love saying the F-word out on the ice............FLAG!!!!!! Loved the video, Catching Pike on tip ups is the best. Good job Kyle! Remember there is never a slow or bad day out on the ice!
Levi The Killer: Just for the face... Dislike.
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D.I.Y. Stick N' Poke Tattoo