Brick Oven Build, Seed Soil Mixes, & BKLN Kitchens - Viewer Mail 6

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Petra J: cute. thanks Eric :)

Jan Levine: Love your videos, you answered my questions about the kitchens!!!  I thought you renovated the country place and I thought it was too dark. I much prefer the little place in the country, and all your cooking there. Your wife is a great helper!Of course I love the 4 legged family members too.

Peter c: Hi Eric love your shows & dogs always hungry I bet , just to point out in Australia the bricks you have are both clay mate I bet the same where you live as well.The problem with the one with holes is the crack easy in heat I've found, otherwise to all your viewers get to it and build that pizza oven
You will love those pies. Regards Peter.

Sonia Alvarado: I vote for "Ask Eric" as well. A video of viewers handiwork would be terrific! What a wonderful community of viewers you have.

paul102260: Love the viewer mail vids. Please keep them coming. Thanks for sharing

Vonna O: Love this video!  I like the title Garden mail.  I would also like to see more of your houses and more of the projects you are working on for renovation, etc.  Our next project is going to be a brick patio.  Would love any tips if you have any.  Keep up the good work! 

dellasmom: ok, here's my tuppence worth...I think the new show name is a great idea because that's basically what we do, ask eric...  And with that in mind, I am going to pester you about 2 questions that you haven't answered yet.  First, I would very much like to here your opinion on the top bar bee hive and why it isn't a fave, seeing as it is such a bee friendly set up.  Second, is there any kind of solar oven or even a solar dehydrator in your future??  If so, will you go the home made route or the "store bought" plans or kit.  I guess that last one qualified as more than one, technically...  Anyway, keep up the great work and give the pupps a tummy rub from me!! :-)
Della :)

Tango Joe: Great update Eric.
Heading over to watch 'Log Incident Video'

john otoole: masons are a good source for the bricks, otherwise they have to throw them away

Linda Penney: Loveley one Eric have a blessed day

Matt Klapper: Wow, got to say I'm hooked! Subscribed and have planted my potatoes and borrowed a buddies' Dutch oven! Love the whole presentation and of course the dogs.

Harold Wong: What is your day jobs if I may ask? BTW, thanks for the DVD.

jinksto: You totally said shunotes ....  don't say shunotes.  :)

Thanks for the alternate kitchen explanation... that's been driving me crazy. 

Flannel Acres: I like the "Ask Eric" videos.  I think once per month is great, but anytime they come along is fine.  Thumbs-up!

Al A: Hi Eric,
I think if you call that "as Eric?" Is a good idea.
On your accommodation we bought the artisan bread in five minute which is a great favorite of mine. The only thing I was trying to make calzone pizza was not successful, if you made calzone the before please give me some hint and tips.

James Campbell: economics of apt in NY and house Conn?  such works?   Recognized on street with and without GFork shirt? 

John: I use 1/3 vermiculite, 1/3 coconut, and 1/3 compost to start seeds and it works fine.  I also started seeds in a potting mix as an experiment, and germination was who knows.

absolutblue: yes! ask eric !

Homeplace Journal: Do the labs go with you to NYC, or do they stay in Conn.?

snnnoopy: Once/week is good. 
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Petra J: cute. thanks Eric :)
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Brick Oven Build, Seed Soil Mixes, & BKLN Kitchens - Viewer Mail 6