Walmart-Sold Makeup | Haul & Mini-Reviews

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Buying FIRST KAYAK on a WALMART budget!!!! on the WATER REVIEW
Buying FIRST KAYAK on a WALMART budget!!!! on the WATER REVIEW
Walmart-Sold Makeup   Haul & Mini-Reviews
Walmart-Sold Makeup Haul & Mini-Reviews
FOUND BEAUTY   NEW BRAND at WALMART!   Full Face of Reviews

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Georgia Fox: I'm late but I also have thale hard candy highlighter and I hated it. The powder got EVERYWHERE and I feel it didn't highlight as much as other products that I liked. I got it to try b/c I'm on a budget and really can't afford high end stuff and didn't like it so it sat in a drawer until I took it out and dropped it. So the powder broke and now its like fine powdrr and its not compact. And I was sitting in my room at 2 am when I saw the highlighter and a water bottle and because I'm weird I tried getting my brush/applicator we and then trying it and IT WORKED SO WELL. LIKE I WAS HIGHLIGHTING TO THE G O D S. Idk if that's how its supposed to work but it worked for me. I usually just make my own highlighter tho

Ferny Carrasco: I know this video is old-ish, but I was wondering if anyone has tried the Hard Candy mix-in drops? I'm curious about the ones to lighten/darken your foundation because I can never get my exact shade xD

Aliyah S: Pretty

Lindsay Spoonie: I love that you are a real person!!

gramps: They must have fixed the Hard Candy highlighter, I just got one and its very fine

Rachelizabeth Mars: That elf primer water is amazing. I spray it on my beauty blender and dab it all over and it truly makes my foundation and powder look smoother.

Heather B: I strongly dislike that flower beauty matte powder. SOOOO much flashback. If you use the translucent one, that's not matte, it is way better. Def a dupe for the la prairie powder. LOVED this vdieo!

Samantha Trout: I love all your videos. I am new to makeup. trying to figure out how to look good but not like I'm trying to hard. and I feel like you have helped me alot with that. thank you so much for all your videos. your amazing

Tiffany Royer: I add the elf liquid highlighter into my foundation.

Lorena Patricia Taboada de Ruiz: please a vídeo with elf best and worst

Analyzing My Life: I absolutely love the Hard Candy Mix in drops and they have been a lifesaver for all of my too dark foundations, highly recommend!

MsSammieLynne: How did you end up liking the ELF Beautifully Bare Smooth Matte Eyeshadows?

Darlene Helms: Love your eyes! Your tutorials are so informative. I love the way you explain the products. I would have loved to have had you as a teacher!

Kekkelpenney Peckeltoot: I loooove the liquid matte eye shadows. They can be light and really natural or you can deepen them. They also make a nice base for powder shadows. Hope you enjoy them too😊

Karen Mullin: I have been watching your vidoes for a while now and I am impressed with your take on drug store-Walmart products. We would all like to purchase high end because we have been convinced this is the better product/way togo when purchasing makeup. Like I said I have been paying very close attention to the products you are reviewing and I'm eager to try the onse you recommed. I would like to see more reviews on the Elf and Flower products as far as how they wear all day. Also, I was wondering if you would do a video on how to choose your eye shadow, blush and lipstick to instruct how to choose the correct shades, so you look well put together. You always seem to do such a great job on your own makeup and someone like me, who made need a little more instruction to present myslef in the best way. I'm very glad to have found your videos. Thank you so much for "breaking" the barrier between high end and drug store products. My budget has changed recently and it's nice to know good/great products are still available tome at a reasonable price. Jeep up th eoggd work and keep smiling you have a great smile very welcoming.

Jennifer Buchanan: please do a best bb and cc cream drug store video!!!!

Luciana Bombonato: I really love your videos and your hauls. Love your opinions and the way you review products. But Your lighting is never very good (in videos and in the photos you insert during them... In the photo of the Flower Beauty Blush I could not even see that the blush had the shape of a flower). So I think this is the only thing you need to improve!!

Shannon Mchenry: i heard the flower loose powder is milled 4 times instead of the usual 3-

Shannon Mchenry: i love hard candy drops!!

Jennifer Burgett: You should try the Hard Candy highlight duos in Candle Lit. They're gorgeous & flattering on every skin tone
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Walmart-Sold Makeup | Haul & Mini-Reviews