Convert DSLR Footage Using MPEG Streamclip

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Manfredi de Bernart: Used mpeg for years and never had a problem.. 
Now I when I convert from 5DII footage I get no video and I did not check the "no video" option.. I searched fro hours now and cannot find a solution.. any help?

Velcro: The proper way to do it should be with the log and transfer in FCP. YOu should not use the files from the camera because they are H264, and FC does not support that kind of files.

Ian Roney: You sound like you should've started this video by saying "this is your captain speaking..."

ThePhrozenPhoenix: Great video, but why would you leave interlaced scaling on for DSLR footage?

Jim Welch: Is there a good reason to export to Quicktime versus MPEG 4? All I want to do is create youtube or vimeo videos.

Kyle Seal: When I go to use this, it doesn't give me the option of Apple ProRes at all. I have Final Cut Pro 10 installed and I use it. Help?

Dallas Bagley: I was about to say the same thing... Mine doesn't have LT either. Only ProRes 422.

HYPExHOPE: It's supposed to be bigger after doing all this! :)

bna ignacio: the size became bigger! whyy??

Dillan howard: I freakIN LOVE YOU MAN

sepeterson86: I don't have the option to choose Apple Pro Res 422 (LT). You have many more options to choose from when you click the top drop down bar. How do I get these options? I'm trying to convert DSLR footage from my T2i on my mac. Please help!

blankbrian: PLEASE READ. if you don't have prores 422 or 422LT whats the next best codec that native to final cut express. thank you.

Mark Janavel: this guy sounds like dianne drangle

lexen: why theres no Apple Propres 422 LT?

Kim Dana: what happens if i choose apple prores 422 or apple prores 422 HQ? will the quality be better?

James Pugh: Hey this video is really useful but I dont have the Apple prores option on the drop down menu. on mine it goes Apple BMP straight to H.264. What should i do?

oliveparadise: very helpful video!!! Thank you!!!!

C Soup: are you Kyle from good neighbor?

Luis Perez: what compression should i choose for windows?

SamHawks: Thankyou for this, i never normally use dslr for filming so i have never had this problem before, and i couldn't handle the endless render! You have saved me a lot of time.
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Convert DSLR Footage Using MPEG Streamclip