Rose Gold & Vampy Lips | Makeup Tutorial

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Rose Gold & Vampy Lips   Makeup Tutorial
Rose Gold & Vampy Lips Makeup Tutorial
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Warm Rose Gold Smokey Eye & Bold Vampy Lip
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nusrat jenny: Wowww girl 😍😍😍

Jo Anne Roberts: Kathleen, your eye shadow tuts really are informative! I get so much good info for applying my own shadow. You should consider being a PRO would be doing run way shows ect! Everyone would want you.. youre so talented!

Angie Leung: Intro song?

Maris Rosales: at times, you look like Angelina Jolie 😕


Amber Pitman: You have the most beautiful skin!

Mariela Hernandez: Me encantaaaaa !

Candice S.: Your skin is like porcelain. So beautiful!

Saheryl K.: I notice about brush set review in this vid before, she bought it from the place
I buy 2 set of kabuki brushes on there and gave one for my friend, and she really like it

Jasmine Marquez: Drugstore prom makeup for dry skin pls? :/ help a struggling student out 😭

Parnika Jain: I have a little dry skin/normal, so if I apply blush before setting my foundation or tinted moisturizer, will it look patchy?

Kim: I love how you don't use fake lashes on a lot of your looks 😍

きんちゃく: 日本語字幕もつけて欲しい…

Kayla Greene: Stunning eye look

Dannah Consolacion: I've been loving this makeup tutorial lately coz rose gold is my fave color😍😍

Chanapatr Changprasert: That nail polish is gorgeous!

Willodena Cassiopeia: As a beauty lover, I do need terrific quality make up brush-set, and I got it from here
It may the best make-up brush up until now and Its blend my beauty completely, I bought for my sister one too, and the quality is superb! Anyway the price is actually budget-friendly and the sending cost is no charge.

Kimberly Hanlon: she looks like Homione Granger who agre3s?!xx luv u vids K

Arynne Cahanding: Congrats on 3 million subscribers!! You honestly deserve it, thanks for being the realest beauty YouTuber out there :')

Sana Jawad: 2:54 Brush name?
Rose Gold & Vampy Lips | Makeup Tutorial 5 out of 5

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nusrat jenny: Wowww girl 😍😍😍
Maarten Gees: Will you update the steam guide soon?
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Rose Gold & Vampy Lips | Makeup Tutorial