The Worst Way To Fix Sciatica (DO THIS INSTEAD!)

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Chiropractic Treatments : How to Treat Sciatic Nerve Pain
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Physical Therapy Treatments : How to Stretch for Sciatica Nerve Pain
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60-Second Back Pain Fixes
Sciatica Pain Relief — Immediate Effect
Sciatica Pain Relief — Immediate Effect

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Jaime Alamos: Benefited a lot from your low back pain videos. Military and law enforcement must watch videos

John Cammarata: Omg THANK YOU!!!!!!

B. Smith: I am scared of that streach. Go gentle.

JamesDom: Like just for the intro

John Smith: Good stuff man , been dealing with this for 8 months and never was given this exercise . I’m going to give it a shot

Captain Brown Beard: Inflamed SI Joint can cause this too.

Saed Deeb: Im gonna try it

nestor c: Can sciatic cause pain in your heel as well?

Anton Bello: I think that I have a problem with my sciatica I have numbness on the top of my left foot the pain goes from my shin to my foot it feels like I have a lot of pressure and if I stand for longer 2 minutes it feels like the pain starts going up into my sciatica the pain is unbearable and I have to sit down and the pain goes away my shin and foot is always numb my job keeps me sitting all the time I would appreciate any thoughts or advice

annelohuis1: Thnx! I have always been told that you first have to foamroll your glutes and hips and then stretch those muscles. I understand that is not what you should do, right? Ik will perform this from now without foamrolling first. But when do you have to foamroll muscles and what is the best thing you can do after foamrolling? Mobility excercises? Thnx in advance! Anne

Terry Tabor: Awesome man! Thanks for the education!

Esti-Fit Chick TV: Hey Jeff. I’d love to see you do a video on how to fix pudendal nerve impingement/ entrapment. I slipped and fell landing on my sacrum / low back about a year ago and have been suffering from pudendal nerve impingement. Lower body workouts, especially gluteus exercises leave me in a world of discomfort and pain in the days to weeks following.

Hayden Philbert: I tried that exercise and it works

Christian Lancaster: Me: So why does this wok?
Yoga teacher: Make sure you keep your chest up to the sun so you can feel the embrace of life energy run through your body. That is how it cleanses your body....
Me: ummmm yeah okay
Jeff: You're not stretching it because the muscles attach here and here so you have to get in this position...
Me: That actually makes sense, I think i'll choose Jeff's answer

wall mob: Ok i need your help. I sit on my laptop on the bed everynight and i pulled something. Its been almost a year and the even though im 27 im not able to do a proper stretch like this because it just hurts too bad. Is there a stretch i can do to work up to this?

satere007: interesting..I have had sciatica for over 10 years..bad hip, leg,calf,butt and foot pain and have tried everything ....and I mean everything...your solution makes sense to me so at this point I have nothing to lose.....

frostbitevinnie: As usual you always have a vid to address my issues. I discovered you a few years ago when I started working out again. Ive had three knee surgeries, at ages 14, 15, 41. Im 55 now. Woke up yesterday with left sciatica pain. I always go to you first.

Alois Schicklgruber: So what to do for herniated disc sciatica?
Will no exercises help?
Chronic pain is torture bro!

Michelle Roberts: omg, thank you for stearing me in the right direction. i was all about the ball and the 90 degree, knee over leg. now i will do the stretch shown in terms of opening it up versus compression.

Inner Voice: Jeff, you deserve every ounce of praise you get. Simply awesome and thank you for sharing your expertise.
The Worst Way to Fix Sciatica (DO THIS INSTEAD!) 5 out of 5

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The Worst Way to Fix Sciatica (DO THIS INSTEAD!)