81 - DeWalt Tracksaw Review

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Smedleydog1: You mentioned the cut edge. Did you use the same blade on both saws? If not, there's probably the difference. The Festool is about $660 on line and the DeWalt comes with a longer track for about $150 less or can be had with two tracks one 59in & one 109in for about $70 less. And you can use the DeWalt on either side of the track. Sounds like a no brainer to me. Buy a kregg saw guide or make your own.
Oh, I almost forgot, you can get the DeWalt in a cordless model also.

me 2: Are u using the same blade in both? That would make a cut difference.

peter saile: I have the cordless Dewalt track saw and love it

Gary Karczewski: After contacting many tool retailers many say that both Makita and Dewalt is coming on strong to overtake Festool Plunge Saw as per monthly sales. Have you looked at the Makita and do you have any comments plus or minus on the Makita?

Barry Manclark: I have a Festool miter drop saw and to be honest the fence settings are so inaccurate, I have to use a straight edge to align the two fences! There is no adjustment at all!
The Festool track saw just uses cheap olite bearings on the armature end of the shaft! This is what $20 el-cheapo power tools use! The main power switch is cheap no markings Chinese!
After years of professional work, only 5 years with Festool, .. I have come to the conclusion:
.."Deep inside it's posh exterior, .. is found engineering quite inferior"
They certainly sell on looks.
I'm looking for a good reliable track saw. DeWalt service support is shocking to non-existent here in Australia, so I may go with the Makita this time round. ... The Festeringtool is going out with the trash!

It's a pitty, I had invested quite a bit in their system. .........

Marty Josephson: You should disqualify yourself, if this is a dewalt review?, festool should not be in the review!!!!

Paul Landin: Great vid., but what is the sound track of the video?

KamekoBruns: So here's the important question.

Why is there a pink feather boa hanging on the coat rack in the background?

labrat7357: I have just settled on a festool TS55 and the thing that swayed me is an after market guide rail square called a GRS-16 that makes square cuts extremely easy. It will fit the default standard rail design of festool, makita and triton track saws but not bosch or dewalt. This fits with your "big picture" view. New products are being made for track saws but mostly for what is seen as the standard track. Moving away from that "standard" track a little bit like makita with its "anti-failover lip" does not stop other things working with it but a completely different design like bosch and dewalt does prevent the use of after market items.I know hind site is wonderful.All the best.

ldg332004: I'm sure Festool is a fine product,BUT a track saw is $1000, a vacuum is $1000, I wouldn't doubt their smallest table is $1000.No thank's.

Angie Overton: I appreciate the comparison. I was almost sold on the Dewalt. However one thing ultimately swayed me. The price on the Dewalt is tempting. But the Festool "system" has a huge draw. I do want the domino. I do want the MFT table. I really like the dust collection on Festool. So the overall system is what makes it worth the extra money.

Jeremiah Mathews: You went super slow and careful on the festool cut. wonder if the slower motion caused more tear out on the off cut?

Darron: Where would you purchase a tool like this?

Here is my experience:
The tool is not available in any local retailer. So I looked online. The options seem to be Amazon.com, Home Depot, Lowe's, or any number of online tool retailers that I don't know from Adam.

I ordered it from Lowe's. It was $10 more than from Amazon but I wanted to be able to walk into the store to make a return (just in case) rather than pay freight to return something that is over 100" long. Several days after placing the order, I get a notice that the anticipated arrival date will be moved back 1 week. So much for the weekend that I planned to use it. I already have time invested in this shipment so I do not cancel the order. I am promised by a customer service rep that I would see some sort of compensation should I encounter any further delays (stay tuned to see if this happens).

I was then emailed with shipping and tracking info that was all wrong. I called Lowe's and they couldn't even tell me which shipping service was being used, let alone the accurate tracking number. I should get a call within 3 business days to clarify. 3 business days later, no call. I called Lowe's and was told it should arrive 1 day after the most recent estimate. Not too bad. At least it will finally arrive.

The saw and 2 tracks arrive via UPS Freight (arriving as 3 separate items). The 102" track has been bent about 30 degrees (and with some twist) about 2-3 feet from one end... so that's destroyed. (By the way, it was only in a cardboard sleeve without any other obvious protection) The saw and other track, despite some rips in cardboard packaging, seem to be ok. The driver suggests I refuse delivery of the long track but doesn't see a problem with accepting the other 2 components. So that's what I do. I can actually get started with what I have and can wait a bit longer for the 102" track.

I called Lowe's to report the issue. I should have refused all delivery, they tell me. I will have to bring the rest of it in to local Lowe's, they say. Then they can ship another one to me and I should have it within 3 weeks (hopefully). So I bring up the issue of the promised compensation. "Oh, hmmm... I will have to talk to someone and get back to you". "I'm getting back to work. Please email me with whatever you find out."

I also suggested that, since the 102" track is sold separately, that they just ship me one of those and let me keep the saw and short track. Problem solved, right? Oh, no. Not possible. They are a kit... a package deal. Can't do that.

Email arrives. Same plan: just return the other 2 parts. We can then send you a new one once we have the old one back. You're now out several weeks that you can't get back, and by the way, no compensation for the trouble (despite the CS rep swearing on his dead hamster's grave that they would make amends in such a situation).

I contacted the local UPS freight warehouse and the lady there (Sierra, super helpful) went up the chain with Lowe's and says she was able to arrange for me to receive a new long track and I can keep the other functional pieces. It should be shipped in a couple days. Call Lowe's back in 2 days to confirm.

3 days later, I get a call. Guess what: they will NOT ship me a replacement for the damaged piece (surprised?). I have to get the damaged piece back from UPS and return all 3 pieces to the local store. They tell me I can have 10% off the order. That seems like a drop in the bucket for this much trouble. I suggest 25% is more reasonable. They refuse. I return the pieces for a full refund. After half an hour of wrestling his computer, the local store employee just gave me cash back for my online purchase.

What I know now: avoid Lowe's. Horrible customer service.
What I don't know: where might you purchase a tool like this while minimizing the risk of the above scenario?

D twist Rewind: righty tighty lefty loosy

fishman211: Festool is an excellent brand but their prices are just too prohibitive for most of us. I think the minor differences between the Festool and the Dewalt illustrate the fact that the "You get what you pay for" isn't always necessarily true. Thanks for the video.

bp30656: You can hear the motor on the festool straining to cut that 45

Frank Y: Do you find that the long track is too short for cutting plywood long wise?

A Baller: In the future when I replace the splinter guards on my rails I plan to do it in several shallow passes. When I made that cut when I got my saw I set the rail on the edge of my work bench and plunged the blade all the way through the splinter guard then made the cut the entire length of the rail. As I was cutting I noticed that the blade was pulling the guard way up and almost stretching it making just a bit less than zero clearance. Just my observation. FYI, I have the TS75.

Levine Levine: @15:15, full disclosure: the quality of 'clean' cut is a function of the blade quality , not the saw.

Terry Pullen: Seems like the blade would have a lot to do with the cut quality. I would like to see these tested using the same blade.
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81 - DeWalt Tracksaw Review