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Clinique Cheek Pop Blush Pops: Live Swatches & Review
Clinique Cheek Pop Blush Pops: Live Swatches & Review
Clinique Cheek Pop   First Impression
Clinique Cheek Pop First Impression
Review & Swatches: CLINIQUE Cheek Pop Blushes   ALL 12 SHADES!
Review & Swatches: CLINIQUE Cheek Pop Blushes ALL 12 SHADES!
【试色间】-4- Clinique Cheek Pop Swatches 倩碧雏菊腮红试色
【试色间】-4- Clinique Cheek Pop Swatches 倩碧雏菊腮红试色

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Mico PK: There are many components to treating blushing at home. One place I discovered which successfully combines these is the Fergs Rosy Resource (check it out on google) without a doubt the most useful resource that I've heard of. Check out the extraordinary info .

ladylonglove: These are just a bit too pinked toned for me, they all kind of muddle together. Not my thing

manateeization: Loved video otherwise thx

manateeization: Your audio is horrible

Caroline Cosgrove: I have pink pop and love it

JoziGirl: i would love to try the cola pop, but it doesn't seem to be on the market here in the UK. does anyone here know where i can lay my hands on it on this side of the pond? or if there is a dupe?

Charlene Jo: Those are gorgeous! Too bad I don't need any blush at the moment.

Taylor Jane: Just picked up cola pop yesterday!

Agentkozbee: Thank you for doing this video, I haven't seen or hear much regarding these wonderful blushes. I purchased 3 last Christmas in Cola Pop, Peach Pop and Fig Pop and I love them. I have a deep skin tone and they appear beautifully.
They have a beautiful satin finish that is long wearing. They also last a long time, I've beeb using the Peach all summer and it looks like new.
I'm going to purchase 3 more at the next Sephora sale.

pklor90: They're all so pretty, which do I choose?!?!?

RinnyDale: got myself the Berry & Ginger Pop, Love them, now contemplating Cola Pop smile !! 2-thumbs-up for this video !!

Gabriela Vega: at first i was like "c'mon!! you have that bunch of blushes and i bet you havent even used them yet" because the flower pattern was perfect, then i heard they stay the same trough the uses. lol. very nice <3

Maria Miranda: I got 4 of them and LOVE them!  Totally worth it!  I want to depot them but I'm afraid of damaging them though.....

Emily Nicole: I have them all too & my 2 favorites r nude pop & heather pop.

Ayaka Coffman: You have to try Peach Pop!!

JaneIllinois: Ha! Thank you for your thanks : ). I have. SO enjoyed your videos that I went a little Stella and Dot crazy on your site! At least I got a good portion of items during Dot Dollars time so now I have an excuse to get more jewelry soon. Too soon! I got the ISA, both raffia clutches (metallic and tropical leaves), both chain straps, the green scarf, the Havana necklace and earrings, the Becca bracelet in mint/smokey and the Melanie earrings, and hmmmmm, I think I'm forgetting something but perhaps that's it! With dot dollar purchase I'm considering the Sutton necklace, the rose gold rebel, rose gold studs and the rose gold triple triangle delicate but I'm torn! There's so much to try! I'd better not buy much else though- because I ALSO went a little jewelry crazy at TJ Maxx- they have a ton of plated jewelry that looks so high end to mix and match with the Stella and dot. Ugggh - it's all so beautiful and I never would have caved if it weren't for your infectious way of sharing the lovely pieces! You're the best!!!

Anoushka Marie: You are absolutely gorgeous! Loved this review and swatch video. I have a channel too and would love if you would take a look and let me know what you think. I have definitely subscribed to your channel. xo Luv from Australia xoxo

sarahmeaghan4: Thank you so much for doing this video... it was so helpful!! I think I will be picking up at least 4 of these babies! Definitely subscribed :) xx

Carly Francavilla: Great thorough review! thank you! :)

Kaytc31: I just got ginger pop and I'm obsessed. I need fig pop, cola pop, heather pop for sure. Thanks for an amazing video.
CLINIQUE Cheek Pop Blush | REVIEW & SWATCHES 5 out of 5

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