Metal Detectors: Garrett Ace 300 Vs. Ace 400

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Brian Smith: Too much talk and not enough action.

Steve: "I wouldn't use either of these toys because I own $5,000 machines" isn't a very compelling review or endorsement. This is like a guy with a super car in the garage reviewing a Ford Focus then giving it away because it's junk he doesn't want. Very poor use of promotional materials for Garrett. I certainly wouldn't send this reviewer any more product.

1Audiver: good video, a few questions, can either the 300 -- or 400 be used on a salt water beach? can either machine head be placed under water ? Thanks for the good videos

Thomas D Harrell: yeah good job. do a video on gold flakes, which detector picks up gold flakes and pickers.

Darrel Dean: I like the small loops too I’m still here

retiredfire66 Rybak: I am a disabled USMC vet and my grandson has a Garret and he wants grampa to hunt with him,but enuf funds not available. Thanks for ur time,and please,please do more video. Thank

Wayne The Seine: Fantastic video with valuable info. The loop sizes demo speaks volumes.

Aframe Antiques: I know this video is old but I found it to be super informative. You have made a much better detector-ist my friend. I just bought the 400 from Radio World here in Canada, since they are an authorized Dealer of Garrett and I am so glad I hung out with you until the end. Half of my searches have been deemed horrible with it, primarily due to the big coil. I also have arthritis and need all the help I can get from design. The biggest problem I have with the big coil is it does hammer multi targets so easily and here in the Rock of Northern Ontario I can see I need that smaller loop. We have a lot of mid to late 1800's Silver coins in the Ghost Towns along the "Old Nippising Road," but the pioneers threw nails, nails, and more nails it seems everywhere.
I really liked seeing the open air tests you did, and the whole video was very well done. You must make Garrett quite proud. I am going to give my machine a little shake test as well, now and really liked the tips, tricks, and value your opinion highly. I mean it really doesn't get much better when it's been Chigged... Thanks bro

Marina Huber: I really like your videos. You speak in a very clear and informational manner. The information you provided taught me a lot about metal detectors in general and I greatly appreciate it.

Dean Welch: Thanks for the helpful tips! I just recently began metal detecting, and chose the Garrett Ace 300 for my first machine. I've been hunting in coin mode, and didn't realize how much good stuff I could be missing because of it. I'll be in relic mode from now on! Thanks again!

anthony preston: Good vid as always your so easy to listen to .yep small target coil makes sense I love my ace 250 with small coil.and when I go out with my ATPro I think would I of got more withe the ace it's a dellema lol .👍

Erik Preston: Appreciate the detailed and thorough vid. I am looking to start detecting and am considering these machines. Thanks!

Father & Son Metal detecting: thank you, love your videos, would like to get in to metal detecting, wife passed away last year an i need a hobby.

Dan Uchytil: Great video. I learned some important things. Thank, You

Gavin Hunter: Another typical American talk festival going around in circles and really saying nothing of any actual value. Blar blar blar.

gary darlington: Great video, really enjoyed it and learned alot. thanks

Julia Stepanova: So, who were the winners?!

Gene Godwin: I'm fixing too buy the ace 350 is it any good at finding coins and other stuff I'm new at metal detecting

Chris Porter: You drag the video on too long. Also u say you recomend the garrett however u stated its they blip out when u shake it its no good and yet the 300 glitched out when you shpok it which you yourself stated is faulty and yet you recommend the 300? A true honest person stands behind quality clearly ur only standing behind the 300 cuz u sell them and its money in your pocket. Your video has put me off even more from buying a garrett becuase you avoided showing buried items in depths. Half the time the signal wouldnt beep. And frankly u havent really told us the quality of them and why we should buy garrett over other brands. Like im so annoyed and confused by all of this.

chris chabra: Never metal detected but always wanted to......
Metal Detectors: Garrett Ace 300 Vs. Ace 400 5 out of 5

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Metal Detectors: Garrett Ace 300 Vs. Ace 400