Smokey Golden Cut Crease Tutorial - ABH PRISM PALETTE

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Smokey Golden Cut Crease Tutorial - ABH PRISM PALETTE
Smokey Golden Cut Crease Tutorial - ABH PRISM PALETTE
Golden Smokey Cut Crease Tutorial
Golden Smokey Cut Crease Tutorial
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Warm Golden Cut Crease Tutorial
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An Knook: Hi Cuties! ♡ Today I used the NEW Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism Palette.
So I think we all know how much hate their previous palette called "The Subculture Palette" got. So I'm sure you al wanna know how this palette is compared to that one. I personally did not hate the Subculture palette but I do feel it was kinda hard to work with because the eye shadows all were veeery intensely pigmented so a little went a long way. I think this palette is very user-friendly. I had no problems using this palette what so ever. Also compared to the ABH subculture and modern renaissance palette had way less fall out so they definetely imporved that. If I had to choose 1 palette out of Modern, Subculture of the Prism. I think I personally like Prism the most, on place 2. Modern. I think this palette is also nice but it has more fall out then Prism but both have lots of warm shades. And on place 3 Subculture.
I only have subculture on place 3 because it contains lots of greens, and I feel green doesn't suit my eyes and because it's not really use friendly for many people. I hope this is helpful.
Decide for yourself if you feel like you need this palette just know that you don't have to worry about the quality. I think it's really nice and I can't imagine if this palette gets a lot of hate. Also for those who wonder about my experience working with ABH in LA last week. It was really cool! I had to honor to play with this palette before it was launched and I made a cool video which will hopefully go up on their instagram soon. I can't wait to see it. We also filmed a few other video's but once they will post it on their Instagram I'll be reposting them on my own instagram as well!
Thanks for watching this video, I hope you enjoyed. ♡ My first Halloween video is going up this upcoming sunday.
Lots of love, An XX

Qamar Shakeel: I liked

Ujala hayat: 😘

Tessa Carles: I was wondering if there was an off brand for the paint pot :3.? If not that's fine.

Swati Kushwaha: In love with ur work with eye makeup 😍

VenessaaxRosee: Suh-turn lol

Fofa Choko: naicccccc

Magdalenab3: Wonderful! But could you show whole face?

Isabel Liliana Cespedes Chuviña: Extraordinario excelente

Marianna Mena: Hello! I love your videos ! Please tell which brush Did you use to apply concealer in the crease ?

Anna Hammond: Yay I have this palate

Dina Des: Great job! :-)

brenda lafever: I really love this look, i use it several days a week. Could you show a look using some of the green and gold? ❤️😊❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Ivone Valle: Bello maquillaje

paulinka1181: This amazing is stunning <3 love it!!!

NyRee Shenise: Can you do more looks with this pallet please

Michele Martin: Also, for anyone who can't afford to spend what this palette cost, install the Shop Hush app and they carry MANY great dupes (not Fakeup, dupes!) for alot of high end palettes, the one for this palette is called Aura by Bad Habit. Bad Habit makes so many ABH, Huda, Natasha Denona, Too Faced and Urban Decay palettes. Face Candy and Okalan are the other 2 brands on there I recommend, and the palletes cost from $7-15 for most of them. And Those brands also carry great highlighter palettes, I recommend the Bad Habit Rose' highlighter palette to begin with. Then I just watch these tutorials, find the similar shades in the dupe palette and create the look, for alot less. In my opinion, some of the dupe palettes are better than the high end palettes. I've returned or sold some of my high end ones, including the most expensive one I myself owned, which was the Fenty Galaxy palette, I use Bad Habit's Dreamstate palette instead.

Michele Martin: I don't know if anyone has mentioned it yet, but I apply shades like the white and light silver-purple ones with a silicone tipped "brush", I bought mine from ELF, they also have silicone tipped angled ones for eyeliner or eyeshadow, they sort of press the shadow on your eye, but they're more a more controlled way to apply those type and other pressed glitters to the eyelid, than with your finger. I think Morphe just released something similar. If I could post a picture of it here I would, just search ELF Silicone eyeshadow applicator. Hope that helps you and others out there.

Kassandra Carrasco: "sAtURn"

killercleric: with that white glittery shade i think its meant to be a topper which is why its not that pigmented? like it doesnt show up very well on its own but when u put it on top of another color, the glitters in it like changes the color underneath... i still put it on with my finger on top of another eyeshadow bc it doesnt rly work well with a brush ive found even when its wet. maybe you should try it with a glitter glue but i dont have any at the moment so i havent tested it. this look is amazing btw... truly the queen of cut creases... your blending is sooo precise
Smokey Golden Cut Crease Tutorial - ABH PRISM PALETTE 5 out of 5

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Smokey Golden Cut Crease Tutorial - ABH PRISM PALETTE