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Fairy Sparkle: Not enough hay, litter box under spinner is dangerous! Wheels are much better than spinners and chins enjoy a wheel more as spinners curve the back. Need two of everything or they will fight!
Grigory Zinoviev: Imagine being the guy whose death turned into that review!
Brian Baez: I still have my 2012 pair dead stock, i havent wore them yet, do you think the midsole will crack or come apart when i do wear them?
TK Yang: Rush!!!
Brandon Jones: I just got a 09 altima 2.5 s looking yo do some changes honest question is would be that same things to get that you were explaining in the video or will there be changes since a 2.5s and not a 3.5
Christopher Kirsling: Your family must love working the yard with you, You do some really nice video's, very action packed. Great job!!
Gareth Lloyd: Yes. Platform games work better in VR and for £12.99 on UK store has to be the best valued vr game.
When watching the review, I nearly forgot it was a vr game lol.
Forget doing HD remastering of old playstation games for PS4. Remake them for PSVR. Spyro would be awesome in vr

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