All King Ghidorah Roars

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SAINT ULTRA: I hope they keep his little chirps and screeches. I think they add to his character of being just...alien. Imagine a scene where a bomb has gone off, or a volcano erupts, and out the darkness and ash the audience hears that weird freaky crap. I know if I was in that theater, I'd have goosebumps. Also nigga wtf 1:09 scary af too.

John Doe: yes i love the giant three headed cricket dragon

King Ace Hernandez: KING GHIDORAH!!!

Arthur Cabral: The last series of noises is what I best remember king ghidborah sounding like. - So strange!

The King of the Penguins: I look forward to hearing a terrifying new version of this in the new movies

darthcereal: Hideaki Anno uses King Ghidorah's roar as Misato's ringtone in Rebuild of Evangelion. Genius.

SRRN or BWM: Sometimes it sounds like he's laughing or something.

The Huntress: The first one and last one are the creepiest in my opinion. If they ever have him in the future, I hope they combine those two.


Valmir Urban: Best godzilla monster!

WhitesnakeFan2002: the first ghidorah shown had the wrong roars

Ash Williams: Cloud = Godzilla
Sephiroth = King Ghidorah
Tifa = Mothra
Barret = Anguirus
Aerith = Rodan

Killer_Queen_: 1:27 is freaking creepy because I can just imagine hearing that in the distance

gravios blast: What i used to be back in my day

J vinton: I love the chattery roar the 3 heads do at 1.28-1.30. always sounds like thier arguing with each other.

Kyros Droztamyr: from 1:27 throughout is how I see ghidorah; he's an alien afterall, he's not supposed to sound like a dragon entirely.

Phasya BowlingMaster: 1:50 KingGhidorah.exe is not responding

Mr. Balderdash: I can imagine scratching Ghidorahs belly (if he where pet size) and 1:27 coming out of him

Tim Strunk: biollant roar is scaryer

Pat Gogan: 1991 version is my favorite one
All King Ghidorah Roars 5 out of 5

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All King Ghidorah Roars