All King Ghidorah Roars

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Legendary King Ghidorah Roar
All King Ghidorah Roars
All King Ghidorah Roars
King Ghidorah Roars 1964-2004
King Ghidorah Roars 1964-2004
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Kaiser ghidorah Roars
All King Ghidorah Roars
All King Ghidorah Roars

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SteelMatic: 1:30 -1:33 Dj Premier. Jay-z “So Ghetto”
Holla atcha boy

BBIEAL let's pla!!: That sounds if from Dinossaur simulator roblox when u play whit kaiju sauro

Asa Holmes: Ever wonder which head does which ring?

Dark o Deagão: King Ghidorah have the most crazy roars.

the Baystander: Every ghidorah somehow have the same battle cry.

This pig has appetite Pig rove: His roars sound like Rodans

Son uva digger Fan: 1:27 which year is that?

BT -7274: I hope king of monsters is gonna have a remastered version of this. Im hyped

Rishit Shetty: 1:50 If I hear this at night,
I will pee my pants.

LegoLiam1803: I like how you space out the sounds for when people use them in their fan films.

Skryll229: 1:27, until 1:38 it sound like pokemon screams

Luis Salazar: Who audio recorded me having sex with my bf??

TR808: 1:34 Epic !!

TR808: BadAss!!!!!

Queeropatra: Obviously newer Pokémon sounds are so inspired by these sounds, it’s almost uncanny in similarity

grace calis: There's just something so unsettling and alien about 1:27. You don't expect that sound coming from a giant 3 headed space dragon but...its terrifying

Asadel H.: Sounds like a freaking monkey chirping this is so bloody disappointing wtf

Stfu: What film is 1:27 from?? Interesting choice for a roar. Would be cool use a mixture of that in the 2019 film.

Wahoo Wahoo: 0:30 to 0:59 is just the imbodyment of terror

daustin8888: Who's hear after that badass trailer
All King Ghidorah Roars 5 out of 5

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Westsideguy: Solid review. Thank you. I just bought one and I’m sticking it on my property, and feeling more confident in setting up the timer. Thanks again!

All King Ghidorah Roars