All King Ghidorah Roars

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Legendary King Ghidorah Roar
Legendary King Ghidorah Roar
King Ghidorah Roars 1964-2004
King Ghidorah Roars 1964-2004
NEW Rodan Footage & Rodan Roar! Godzilla King Of The Monsters
NEW Rodan Footage & Rodan Roar! Godzilla King Of The Monsters
All King Ghidorah Roars
All King Ghidorah Roars
NEW Mothra Footage & Mothra Roar! Godzilla King Of The Monsters
NEW Mothra Footage & Mothra Roar! Godzilla King Of The Monsters

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Ghetto Spoodermen: Sounds like crap

AnnoyingVulture: 1,000th Like. I support our true King.

WEBev: Just studying up on my King Ghidorah roars getting ready for Godzilla (2019)...don't mind me

KingofReverie: The heisei one is just Rodan at a different pitch I think

Aulia Sigit Ardianto: It always irritates me to think a majestic 3 headed giant dragon making a ''sound'' no scarier than my alarm.

super doop: I love the trilling sound it makes.

Tiffany Williams: legendary should use these millennium sounds!

balrogdahomie: Bidididididi

Geassguy360: When they confirm the chirp WILL be in KotM...

Eva the furby animatronic: None of these roars are scary just annoying sounds that bother me neither is king ghidorah scary in any of these photos

SteelMatic: 1:30 -1:33 Dj Premier. Jay-z “So Ghetto”
Holla atcha boy

sweety -leader of sweet pack: That sounds if from Dinossaur simulator roblox when u play whit kaiju sauro

Asa Holmes: Ever wonder which head does which ring?

Dark o Deagão: King Ghidorah have the most crazy roars.

the Baystander: Every ghidorah somehow have the same battle cry.

This pig has appetite Pig rove: His roars sound like Rodans

Son uva digger Fan: 1:27 which year is that?

BT -7274: I hope king of monsters is gonna have a remastered version of this. Im hyped


Rishit Shetty: 1:50 If I hear this at night,
I will pee my pants.

LegoLiam1803: I like how you space out the sounds for when people use them in their fan films.
All King Ghidorah Roars 5 out of 5

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All King Ghidorah Roars