Jaguar I-PACE EV SUV Review Motor Show L.A. Walkaround 500 Km Range

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terrance leacock: wow what a concept.

Bruce Burns: A stunning work of art moving into the future along with the electric drive .

Bruce Burns: Just when you think it is impossible to improve car design as they have nowhere to go as its all been done , along comes something like this which is absolutely original in design and revolutionary as the entire car is absolutely original .

Ruozhuo Li: Is he Thomas' father?

Dragon: it'll look like a domestic cat once in production

100MPG: I agree we need more efficient cars (or maybe need to hold onto the best older ones). However, this seems like "rich toys for the supersize-me consumer culture" that continues to blind us with EV green-wash! It is too big for EU roads - maybe OK in AZ USA?

What does your team think about the latest tests into PM2.5 and PM10 emissions that demonstrate over 2/3rds of pollution comes not from exhaust pipe but from road contact - wearing out tyres, road surface, etc ? So the heavier and bigger the car (like SUVs) the more pollution not just from the energy needed from fuel or a power station but from wear and tear:

EVs can be fun to drive but we also need to fix this :

cenk hakan: Thomas please, he is good teller

Daniel 2017: Forgot to open the back trunk and front motor?

The Cat: Stunning design. I wish they put that into production! Great video.

R Mac: Hats off to Autogefuhl also, all the videos from LA have been very interesting

R Mac: Wow, hats off to Jag, what a beautiful machine

Orbital: place heisst nicht Platz im Sinne von Raum. bitte space sagen. Sonst schönes Video

piotr feder: From the side it looks like Citroen Xantia

Value 21: Looks very nice.

Iron Man: I love the wheels. So aggressive!

Banch: Haben die 'Kollegen' diese Türgriffe nicht patentiert?

seansdk Gaming: Der ist ja motiviert 😂😂😂😂 wo ist thomas ?

Popeye Der Seemann: Please go directly to Tesla... you shouldn't spend your Time with a Concept!

Alexandru Vornicescu: these electric cars, are something :D

David Shekelstein: 500 mk range...gotta prove it in reality.
Jaguar i-PACE EV SUV review motor show L.A. walkaround 500 km range 5 out of 5

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terrance leacock: wow what a concept.
The Legion: I'm sure you figured it out by now, you need the fixed stock adapter from MDT. I have 2 LSS chassis and use the C2 fixed stock for both of them, the adapters are a must for this version of LSS. The new LSS (2015) have them built in I believe.
Tactical _ Bushcraft: Loved the video . 👍
You did a great job. And very informational. I subscribed to your channel and would love to have your support as well. Thanks again partner.

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Fuji Archive of Musical Entertainment (FAME): I didn't know if you found the answer to your question about the record changer, but that model was made for Sears by Crescent. They made almost all the Silvertone record changers through the 50's and 60's. The Crescent version of that 78RPM model was used by a number of different manufacturers in the late 40's. A similar one was used by Admiral but I don't know if that is made by Crescent or not, because almost all Admiral changers were made by Ensign. BTW, I'm really impressed with your knowledge of this stuff and I'm inspired to make videos of my collection. I've been collecting record players and radios since childhood and I'm 61 now, I have several hundred of them.
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Jaguar i-PACE EV SUV review motor show L.A. walkaround 500 km range