Easiest French Manicure Tutorial EVER!

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Easiest French Manicure Tutorial EVER!
Easiest French Manicure Tutorial EVER!
Easy DIY French Manicure Trick! Tutorial    KELLI MARISSA
Easy DIY French Manicure Trick! Tutorial KELLI MARISSA
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Easy French Manicure
Easy French Manicure

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Ash H: Great tip about the reinforcements. My problem is drying the nail polish, it always damages as soon as iv decided its dry and i can carry on normally. Always!

Commenter1 2: Try incoco French manicure stickers. They are tips not guides.
I love them and will die if they ever quit making them.

Darlene Garcia: Wow! Speechless here. Gorgeous nails! Thank you.i forgot to ask? Do I wait for the white polish to dry before I add other polish?

Linda Kelly: Your nails and hands look beautiful. Great job and tip.

GLORIA EREN: You have really nice nails thank you for sharing I’m going to use this I have a wedding soon to go to and I am going to try it god bless

lamia AL: Ohhh so that’s where I’m going wrong with my French manicures! I don’t have problems with applying perfect white tips without stickers but now I realize it’s best to coat it again with the beige/pink background color over the white tip to look more neat

Gin Scorpio: Or just cut one circle on half so you get two French tips from just one sticker

Robin Holbrook: Soaking nails in lemon juice or rubbing with fresh lemon slices every day helps get rid of stains. Leave unpolished for a week while treating. Then, after clean, ALWAYS use basecoat! Another way is to mix baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to form a paste. Coat nails and let sit for 10 minutes. Do daily until color is normal. DO NOT FILE TOP OF NAIL as this damages the nail. It is always a good idea to let nails breathe every so often AND to remove stains before they become permanent. I hope this helps! 🌹

Robin Rotfleisch: One problem- some people have wider nails that the reinforcement !

DIY Tutorial Craft Handmade Jewelry Fashion: 💕💕💕 WOW! Very nice and usefull! Congrats! 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

Sarah Michaels: I like this very much. I had my nails done at a salon and didn't like them. They were hard on my real nails and the cost is crazy. This looks much better using your natural nails. I plan on trying this.

Harry Graham: K

Keknegen kai: I have a sheer pinky nude polish. I actually do it the broke bitch style by applying a piece of scotch tape and first make the line in the front. Let it dry and then apply a coat of nail polish onto the entire nail. The sheerness gets more opaque and since it's not a blinding white it actually looks very natural and a lot of people have asked me how I keep my nails so beautiful hahahaha. But I love your version even better! I struggle with the tape all the time and then I let it stay on my nails for so long it chips off because I want to stay away from the struggles as long as possible.

Sydney Olier: I do my French like in the nail shop, with a tiny brush and acetone, because I’m a nail technician, but before i learned how I used a tip guide from sally hansen, wish I would have known about this before :)

swetha kanduri: You have beautiful fingers dear

lukas gimnastika: why you have yellow nails?

Shari D57: When you're doing your own nails like this, two things to try - 💅🏻

First, ALWAYS work from your pinky nail towards you, ending with the thumb. This way you do not reach over top of what you have already polished to get to the next fingers, and it's still wet, and can easily be smeared or damaged in some way.

I've been doing my own nails for many years, and this is the best way I have found. I almost never smudge up work I have already done by using this method.

Secondly - Of COURSE doing the polish on your dominant hand is going to feel awkward, and always looks worse than the work on your non-dominant hand. Unless you PRACTICE learning to do things with your "OTHER" hand! It takes lots of practice getting comfortable with and feeling secure doing things "off handed."

I had to learn it because I became a Surgical Technologist in 1992-93, and even in school, they expect you to work on that skill. Just because you're holding two clamps and a small retractor with your right hand doesn't mean your left hand gets to stay idle! You WILL learn to hold and do things left (or right) handed, whichever hand you don't normally use for writing and other chores. You will because it's required, because you have two hands, and surgeons expect a LOT out of their room staff, scrubs, and assistants, and they WILL get it, or you're "OUTTA HERE!"

So, we did all kinds of things practicing with our left hands, up to and including driving! Of course, if you've got a stick shift in your car, then you're already two steps ahead, but that doesn't mean you're automatically proficient doing other things that way. You must make yourself do all sorts of things left handed. I tucked the fingers of my right hand under my right thigh when I was driving, just out of the way, and easy to use again if I really needed them. And then I did everything, except gears (automatics still need shifting sometimes) with my left hand. Even steering was awkward at first, but I8 managed. I put my makeup on left handed for a while, and finally got good at eyeliner on my left eye! Same with mascara. I cooked left handed, dressed left handed and it was a very good thing I got very proficient with my left hand, because it not only helped with my job (try cutting suture left handed sometime, when you don't know the trick, and see how difficult that can be! No suture? Use sewing thread.) It also became quite necessary when I tore my right rotator cuff on the job, and ended up with my right arm in a sling for three weeks until I had my first surgery on it, and then another 6 months later! A total of one whole year rehabbing my shoulder, and I got very good with my left hand! I even painted three rooms of my house, including the kitchen, and cooked most of a Thanksgiving dinner for 18 people, 4 months after the first surgery. None of that caused the need for the second surgery, because the second repair was unrelated to the original injury.

Anyway, practice is what you must do if your nail polish 💅🏻 on your right hand is ever going to get better than it already is now. 👍

ItsMikayla xo: Now those reinforcements actually have a purpose 😂 thanks for this!

JRadz: u got pretty nails❤

Kn1cknackz0: What is this earrape audio god freaking damn
Easiest French Manicure Tutorial EVER! 5 out of 5

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Easiest French Manicure Tutorial EVER!