DW Showroom (Candyland II) - March 2010 W/ Curt Bisquera

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DW Showroom (Candyland II) - March 2010 w/ Curt Bisquera
DW Showroom (Candyland II) - March 2010 w/ Curt Bisquera
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DW Showroom (Candyland IV) - November 2013 w/ Gil Sharone and Kirkee B
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DW Edge Snares - by John Good
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Nick Rodgers: almost got a dw. went with a star classic instead

TheThunderbird63: I lived aboard NAS Point Mugu from 1996 to 2001, and never knew DW was located in Oxnard. Not even 5 miles from my house. The more you know.

Aroutioun Karapetian: SUPER

Jhon Green: More info or videos of the under sea kit please!

Larry Tate: First time I ever dw toms that had a lil tone and sound good. They usually sound like deep garbage cans. All their vlx shell technology and super sold snares crap it's all hogwash. They make nicest looking drums but other than that they really suck. If u are thinking about a high end kit check out the yamaha phx, sakae celestial, sonor prolites, grestch USA custom and Dixon drums. Don't waste your money on these tubs like I did and don't believe the shell technology bs.

Sebastian Matiz: Please send me a maple mahogany kit!

Ian Kreguar: Dear dw,
Do you still make the under the sea kit @4:46

dw drums: Yes you may! We would love to make you that!

john stacy: Hey Dw. Can I still order the Red Anodized finish with black nickel hardware?

Adrian Manuel: Are the tours free?

dw drums: Sure! If you go on the factory tour it ends in the showroom and there are kits set up to try.

Adrian Manuel: If we go in Candyland, do we get to play the drums?

dw drums: Gracias!!!

Ronaldo Domingez: 3:32!!!! amo esa bateriaa!!! \M/

dw drums: Thanks for asking! We used the Zoom Mic H4N model. Works great for room sound!

elipov: I have not seen the microphones. How the drums has been recorded? the sound quality was very good..

dw drums: Thanks so much! John and Curt share the same passion for drums!

fleebis44: Wish I could have a DW kit. Listening to John Good and Curt, I can tell they're amazing drums with a great sound!!!

dw drums: haha! We want you to HAVE!!

xerpex15: I.... I.... I waaannntt too haaavvee!!
DW Showroom (Candyland II) - March 2010 w/ Curt Bisquera 5 out of 5

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Nick Rodgers: almost got a dw. went with a star classic instead
Yafava kuec123: When I use kraders spin fist power my catchphrase
For it is ka fist you like it

Ben Byrne: Chris, I've been playing the Blue-Eyes Deck for almost 2 years now. It's definitely a combo oriented deck. As helpful as Dragon Shrine is Cards of Consonance and Dragon Ravine also help out the deck as well.
David Mendoza: part #?
Hans Wurst: Keine Bienen auf dem Rahmen, keine Probleme zu arbeiten, aber direkt den Smoker auf den HONIGraum. Der Honig wird ein leichtes Raucharoma haben, vorallem wenn man das öfter macht.
BrushSPB: Подержал сегодня в руках сие чудо, по ощущениям, это не нож, а тяпка. Думал, чтото типо рекона с g-10, но был разочарован. Лучше рекона с 3v взять, чем это спорное творение.
RHI Hodag: I have the Incra IBox and I absolutely love it! You can very accurately dial-in the size of the fingers with some test pieces. Once dialed in you can very easily and quickly batch out numerous pieces. You have to take your time on the initial setup as well as dialing in the final setting. Suggest another video by Mike Mcrory - Would You Make It, on how to adjust for a too loose / too tight finger fit. It's very helpful. I also have the Incra Hingecrafter which I plan on using in the next couple of weeks. Eager to try it! Thanks for your video!

DW Showroom (Candyland II) - March 2010 w/ Curt Bisquera