Rumination Analysis On Mass Effect 3

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Rumination Analysis on Mass Effect 3
Rumination Analysis on Mass Effect 3
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Sully The Man: I guess I need to go back and keep Grunt alive during the Suicide Mission

Olivia Williams: I’m sorry but Shepard death in ME2 was bad. It served no purpose but to railroad us to work for Cerberus and nothing else it don’t change Shepard in anyway or how characters react to him being turned into what is essentially space Jesus

Derrick Bonsell: Pick the endings you want, ignore that you have various ways to portray the character...

Clear Mountain: Hey lore, I have been a fan of yours for awhile but I only just watched your mass effect stuff, because I honestly just played the trilogy for the first time, so I am going through all the ending anguish is annoying. But I enjoy your videos, they let me know it's not just me.
One thing I wanted to say is that I think the control ending fits best, still bad but best. The implication that the Reapers are being forced isn't just you and i think it plays into a lesser theme in mass effect 3 which is 'paying for your sins'. I agree that Thane deserved better but he was an assassin who died at the hands of an assassin, it is highly implied that Legion started the war between the Quarian and the Geth and justified or not (I think it was) he gives his life to help end it once and for all, Mordin felt guilt over altering the Genophage and had to die to correct it. There are more examples, the Asari hypocricy, the Illusive Man being indoctrinated, Mirandas father dying at the hand of his child, but I am sure you get it.
Now, how does this apply to the reapers? To me the most horrifying thing they do is not turn people into zombies, or lazer beam millions, but indoctrination. To not be sure if you can trust your own thoughts is horrifying to me. And the fact that they now have to spend eternity building and protecting that which they wish to destroy because the Shepard AI has essentially indoctrinated them is very satisfying. Or at least as satisfying as these endings get.
Lastly, I was wondering if you will do a proper remake rumination on this series? Forgive me if you have announced it somewhere, I don't do most social media beyond youtube. And, if you do tackle this series again, could you comment on infiltrator and galaxy? Sadly I didn't get to play them as they aren't on the iPhone play store anymore.

Alexander Augustus Aurelius: Meff-ist-off-ell-ees

Pimptastic 420: Oh my goodness now I'm confused...Is this your natural hair colour or is blond?! 😂

ShadowQuickpaw: I have this running theory that (ending slides notwithstanding) the Geth and EDI's survival in the destroy ending is like Shepard's. IE, tied to the readiness bar. Starbrat states that all synthetics will die, INCLUDING Shepard. "Even you are partly synthetic." So if Shepard survives, do EDI and the Geth? It may be rationalizing and excusing on my part. We'll never get any content in the Milky Way past that choice, so I can headcannon.

Indoctrinated Harbinger: So many things you mentioned in this that made me love mass effect 3, the characters, the goodbyes, mordin,tuchanka, garrus scene, everything...i love this game...i can't hate it. Together with the Trilogy (which is how I played it, bought the trilogy, with the DLC ending. 1,2, and 3, together...exist in my Art Category, to the highest degree. I can't imagine not loving me1,2 or 3. Maybe if my 1st playthrough didnt have the extended cut, might be different, but my first play through had the extended cut..I loved every game. ART

Oscar Barclay: The synthesis and control endings are basically the Mass Effect version of Boromir taking the Ring and using it against Sauron.

Yharnam: Man, you really have trouble with speaking. You are all over the place. Get to the point~! >.<

*Other than that, it's an interesting video.

AUU: I'll always pick Destroy. That's been the mission since the end of Mass Effect. Destroy the Reapers.

-Hopeless situation Warrior-: 5:50 that wasnt an ending he was in most of the game and its homecoming

-Hopeless situation Warrior-: i hate how everyone ignores the entire game and say its all crap just because of the ending

Vodun: Geth Consensus, I really hated this level. Maybe not hated but still disliked, very stupid. You just walk with a gun, shoot and wait a long time for the gun to recharge. If it was supposed to be a unique stage/level, it failed. I am shocked that Lorerunner liked it, history it presented it was interesting part but entire level build around it was very poor. Rannoch was my favourite part of the game, Tali was my romance and I felt that it was a great game ending.

Darkfireice: mass effect game analogy: 1 high class but over priced meal, 2 one of the best meals one will eat and can change your palette forever, 3 value meal, 4 an over and under cooked meal from 1, all on the same menu and same price in the same restaurant.

1234kalmar: The problem with synthesis ending, or rather, why is it is a srouce of conflict, is because it is too vague and up for interpretation. I liked that most, but because i interpreted it so differently than lorerunner

Marvelous Chester: Well, to be fair, the body EDI used was an infiltration unit. It makes sense for it to be physically appealing.

Ego Alter: I have played through the trilogy three times. Never onece have I actually played the ending of 3.

Peter Parker: The ending of Mass Effect 3 was indeed and will always remain trash. But what bugged me the most is the fact the all the ME2 exclusive squad mates are not in your ME3 squad. ME3 is supposed to be a culmination of the previous 2 games. We only get ME1 squad mates and 3 new squad mates with 2 making no sense. Case in point EDI and James. James serves no purpose because he was a character that Shepherd already knew but since I don't know him it breaks my immersion from Shepherd. EDI being a sexbot for Joker was very freaking stupid. A robot being with an actual romantic relationship wouldn't work because of terrible sex and lack of humanity even tho EDI's character was based around her trying to gain a sense of humanity she is ultimately still an ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE!!!! Javik was the only one who actually provided a lot lore with the Protheans, but James and EDI was waste of space considering that those spaces could have been filled by Grunt and Miranda. Wrex, Mordin, Thane, Legion, and even Jack to a certain extent have good reasons not to be in your squad. Grunt and Miranda however have crapty excuses. Grunt is running his own Krogan team, but after dealing with the rachni he doesn't do anything else. he doesn't join you despite him calling you his battle master and that he will follow you into battle. This contradicts ME2 so hard. Miranda is hunting down her father who she believes is with Cerberus. This is stupid because we figh Cerberus throughout the entire freaking game. Miranda could have join Shepherd to help fight the Reaper threat and Cerberus since Cerberus is involved with the reaper threat. Then if she wanted alliance resources, she should just ask you and be done with it instead of calling you from something important all the way to the citadel. Not to mention her story arc with her father was not only rushed but pointless and the romance is awful. Her character was extremely well written in ME2 so it sucks to be so invested into a character to have a romance be reduced to trash like this. It especially sucked since the writers at Bioware kept shoving Liara in our faces despite my cannon romance with Miri. Unforgivable.

jebes909090: citadel dlc is the real ending!
Rumination Analysis on Mass Effect 3 5 out of 5

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Rumination Analysis on Mass Effect 3