FIFA 15 | Chelsea Career Mode Ep25 - FA CUP FINAL!!

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Danny Fc: why does everyone use the x-box 360 or one

Cookie Gaming: Hey is that an xbox 1 or and ps4

Brynan McCalmania: Congrats on 29,000 subs Ches!!

ejleoz21: I don't understand why he does a chelsea career mode when they hardly need any improvement

2Cav22: Hey ches, if it doesn't get too easy I would love for you to continue on with chelsea past the second season. I am a chelsea fan as well. Obviously if you dominate next season and win everything then it would probably be best to end it but I think world class is a pretty good challenge this year. It is for me anyway. 

Jeff Shodipe: Good win!

Etnik CFC: You did a rabona cross with Willian it was pretty nice!

owen clarke: next season or when ever can you do a low league team like ipswich town that would be awesome and ur deffending is so poor it makes me cry lol -_-

Lembe Da Silva: Bundesliga is crap like your face!

Lembe Da Silva: Finally!

Michael Smith: Ches mate I think you're a legend but freak sake mate England is off this week not all of uk Scotland isn't

yash rastogi: I feel that you should switch from a 4-3-3 to a 4-2-3-1. The two holding midfielders give a lot more protection for the defenders. Cesc isn't as effective but it definitely adds more steel to the midfield. Also I suggest you play hazard in the centre. I had to get rid of oscar as he was feeling homesick and that really turned out to be a blessing in disguise as hazard has been phenomenal for me. Get john stones after this season is over because terry and cahill become really slow in the second season. Stones is much quicker and that would help when players turn around. 

Sup Bob: In the champions league final make sure terry is captain and make it go to penaltys and make drogbas retiring penalty be the one that wins chelsea the champions league (when choosing who takes the penaltys make drogba 6th

PepTalk: :(

Black Mamba: My fifa 14 lags on ps3 in career mode can someome help

MuffinKurry: Watching you defend makes me sad

BlueBaboonGaming: 2 days till my birthday

herui zeweldi: why don't you play Lucas ahead of willian or even on the bench

AH Z: try to replicate mourinho first stint at chelsea with the 433

AH Z: can you try using 433 formation with holding midfielder
FIFA 15 | Chelsea Career Mode Ep25 - FA CUP FINAL!! 5 out of 5

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Pa Yang: You over used "which is not bad" lol. And you seem so shy.
Juan Rodriguez: I like your videos I watch it every time
himyar rasyad: Where I can find this in Japan?
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Nick H: I meen keep

FIFA 15 | Chelsea Career Mode Ep25 - FA CUP FINAL!!