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Emily Rivera: Tb to when Matt didn’t bully you😂
Theo Keith Jones: that was nasty... rewind play that again.. fire on they ass
Davona Watson: DO NOT use this if your planning to get a perm or relaxer soon. the two chemicals (products) DO NOT go together it will BURN (have side effects)on your scalp . stop use 2weeks before your scheduled appointment . and continue use 2weeks after, once your hair is no longer relaxed /permed .
-Side effects may vary .doesn't happen to everyone but yea... -

Matteo Vicini: Tu eri un militare? Però!
MediaLover194: The shoehorned romance is what I hated the most about Sister Act.
LAVINIA NEGRU: The treatment looks nice but you wore your ragged t-shirt at a Beverly Hills spa ? ?? OMG....😲
freusin: I have the same motherboard . now I'm selling it (changing with an Intel)

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