LG French Door Fridge Is Worthless

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LG French door fridge is worthless
LG French door fridge is worthless
LG's small French door fridge feels the squeeze of tight spaces
LG's small French door fridge feels the squeeze of tight spaces
LG LFX31945ST Refrigerator  User Review
LG LFX31945ST Refrigerator User Review
LG French door Refrigerator Review
LG French door Refrigerator Review
LG French Door Refrigerator - Door In Door Fridge Review by CyberShack
LG French Door Refrigerator - Door In Door Fridge Review by CyberShack

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Ron Smith: LG also makes this model for Sears Kenmore. Same piece of junk, different name.

stretcher net: I have the same problems of LG refrigerator not cooling to the proper temperature. LG said not under warranty after 2 years Model # LFX31925ST LG Bottom French door. I have found many of the LG products don't last more than 3 to 4 years with major system failures.  like dishwashers, refrigerators, microwaves, ranges, stoves, ovens, clothes washer and dryers, etc.  I paid good money for these Bad Products.  Samsung is No Better & many times worst.

Brian Fields: I can't agree with these comments. We have a front loading LG washer / dryer that made it through teenagers ... not a single problem. LG Elite French Door fridge. Only serviced once and we've had it for 6 years. We're really happy with their products.

David Ortiz: Lol all you people crying about how lg doesn't stand behind their product, you do know there's extended warranty through the retailer you bought it from
I bought 10 year warranty, covers parts, labor, surge protection, pretty much top to bottom, so stop crying because you wanted to be cheap and not pay extra for the proper warranty, who the heck ever trusts manufacturers warranty anyways, stop being cheap

Rob Jones: Thanks for your review. I am going to buy this product over your objections, because I have a very high regard for and good experience with LG products in the past. The reviews for this product are better than the others in this category. But I can feel your pain. I had problems with a GE profile built-in fridge for years, and I probably spend over a thousand on service calls.

j glaze: LG is Worthless

Jonathan Thomas: DO NOT BUY AN LG REFRIGERATOR! I need to begin with the fact that it has been 4 MONTHS and LG still has not repaired or replaced my unit. 4 MONTHS without a refrigerator! Their customer support is absolutely the worst. Less than a year after we bought the refrigerator it completely stopped working. The refrigerator was still under warranty. I called their customer service department and after FOUR MONTHS of appointments the service technicians claim the unit is unrepairable. LG wanted another opinion, so they sent out the same technicians. Of course, they had the same opinion. They've left me with no other option other than to file a lawsuit. DO NOT BUY LG.

Jon Jensen: So,which model(s) are involved?Not a useful review.

Bert Buxton: Called home depot. the sales guy said to remove the light and seal all the holes to prevent condensation. said get a battery operated light. one that goes off in the dark?

Bert Buxton: Our frig just did the same thing. it also cannot make ice when the outside temp is over 80 F. The fridge motherboard crashes periodical. I would stay away from any LG appliance.

Gurp Preet: and an LG stove for $600

Gurp Preet: oh no I just bought an LG french door fridge for $1200 from Leons 😭😭😭

Doriesep6622: Condensation at the top. Suspect it has to do with ice maker drain. Don't have an ice maker. Freezer is at the bottom. It is cooling but the water worries me. Don't want to pay $80 for repair person to walk in the door.

Jeff Search: Had same issue their products are Junk.

Gary Tamietti RLS: Worthless piece of junk, I would never buy anything from LG again, we own washer, dryer, microwave, stove and refridge, the washer and dryer have not broken yet, but everything else has. DO NOT BUY LG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pat Moore: Has anyone had issues with mysterious dents appearing on the door fronts? Mysterious because you didn't do anything to cause them?

Robert Strobel: Have the LG French doors, same problem, light will not turn off. shelves are breaking and parts are discontinued. Our LG TV lasted only 2 years. LG is junk don't buy.

Daryl McClellan: Not only are LG Refrigerators JUNK, but they do not back up their JUNK appliances. Nothing but problems with the ice maker from day one. Suddenly, the compressor went out. Even though there is a 10 year warranty on their JUNK compressors, they are not in a hurry to honor the warranty and they are impossible to contact. Try contacting them and you get someone in Romania who is paid to listen to you gripe and then they say sorry.

Joan Reeves: I will NEVER buy anything LG again! Bought French Door Refrigerator 3 years ago. Ice maker was a problem immediately. Water drips into the ice cube storage bin when the ice dumps so the dispenser never works because the storage bin is always a block of ice. Light in door dispenser went out. Apparently, there is no way to replace it yourself. It requires service call. I'm not paying a dime for this inferior appliance. I'll send it to the landfill and buy a new one, and it won't be an LG!
LG French door fridge is worthless 5 out of 5

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LG French door fridge is worthless