Yeah, I'm A Fanboy Of The Crew & Many Other Games

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Nexus Gamer: Im just passing by to say that the Crew 2 is going to be the best game IMO AND YES, I AM ALSO A FANBOY

eazy player: I understand your love for the crew, but you don't need to hate on reviewers

Max Holland: good job theo i like it when people don't care about subs as much as having fun it just meens your probably a better channel!!

Otto Knabe: I like your type of "fanboyism"

Death by Bass: Massive Respect

GAIMG ZER: Iam a fanboy of The Crew and if people dont like it dont share ur freaked up opinions with us. Its a good game big map,offroad,customization. Deal with it rooster suckers.

Tech Pro Kollin: very well said

Jet GPS4: freak of D

Jet GPS4: Your a fan boy

diamondgaming: He's got a point.

Lex Lexendary: Yo +BlackPanthaa are you my lost brother? i am 100% the way you are (like seriously)..

Abdul Al-Rhasib: just hate that ubishoft did so bad job with the crew on PC :/ i cant even invite my friend to my crew and that is bullcrap And we cant be on same session for some reason..

RisingArmy: Preach it!

Jesse Roberson: i realy want to see more need for speed pro street because i need tips

Robert Cuc: Wow man... Chill... U mad? Damn if not ur very passionate. I mean no offense cuz I luv ur bids but lol u raging

Felix Gijón: I respect your opinion and I can see you value games a lot more differently than I do. I like the idea of The Crew, but it was poorly executed in my opinion. I've been playing racing games since SNES and the idea of The Crew was everything I ever wanted for a racing game to be back in 1996. Sadly it turned out to be a grind with inconsistent physics (not to mention Ubisoft's shady business practices). But that's the opinion of a car fan. There is nothing wrong in being a fan, but hopefully that won't alienate too many subscribers. I will subscribe to your channel myself even if I did not agree with most of what you said in this video. I won't subscribe to post hateful comments on your videos. I like the quality of your content and hopefully there is something  we could agree on in the future. Keep up the good work and be careful not to alienate potential subscribers due to personal fandom .

jordan howells: I agree with u man

Reimu Saaremaa: Fanboy or not, you make good videos about that that I like, arcade PC/X1/PS4/X360/PS3 racers. Keep up the good work. A video from you a day keeps the frustration/stress away! :D 
Big hello's from Estonia! :)

Cheesy wiz: I love racing..crew feels I dont know different
Wish I could have played the beta im confused..should I buy the crew or cod aw :p
Well I liked this cod game

stablizershock: A GAMER is open-minded and willing to try every genre and gaming platform. A FANBOY praises one over the other before giving it a shot. Don't be a fanboy and appreciate each platform for their own milestones.
Yeah, I'm A Fanboy of The Crew & Many Other Games 5 out of 5

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LegosubmarineCaptain: Buy the set guys, the uniforms are great to moc with :D
Saurabh Singh: #Rubens #Mello plz can u tell me which map mod you have installed in your ETS 2?
Alex Ochoa: your soo annoying freak ur review dgaf wat u say wanna watch da real crap click on it ans its ue face ughhhh
Murilo B: 186 na roda pessoal, original são 128 na roda se não me engano... no motor original 165cv com esses ups deve ter pulado pra uns 210cv ou mais. Acredito eu, podem me corrigir! Tenho um, já anda muito original imagina com ups. Quando sobrar um $$$ vou ver o que faço no meu =D
Idalia Castillo: How do you first turn this on? First time user and mine isn't turning on
Byteblock: Nicky V?
Jonathan Tang: Awsome. Thanks for sharing.

Yeah, I'm A Fanboy of The Crew & Many Other Games