BaByliss Miracurl: Review & Demo

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BaByliss Miracurl: Review & Demo
BaByliss Miracurl: Review & Demo
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How I Curl My Hair / Babyliss MiraCurl Pro Nano Titanium review
BaByliss Miracurl    Review & Demo    Music City Pretty
BaByliss Miracurl Review & Demo Music City Pretty
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Maddie Wolf: What size is the barrel??

ron gaul: The curler she is holding actually looks like a counterfeit. The genuine ones are an icy blue

Meliani Sri Astuti: Too much you say

Jennifer Fenlason: Why did you scrunch the curls? Should probably redo this video. Run your fingers through thr curls lightly. It looks all ratty at the end. : (

kittywonder: You're very thorough with your review and I really appreciate that :)

Kaitlyn Tran: Tysm my mom bought this for me and I had no idea how to use it so I was thinking of giving it away but luckily I found you

martina rotondi: hi !what's the name of the hair spray?Thanks

Mohd Alam: riyajul babul iss pro

Mohd Alam: riyajul

Jessi doo: she never shuts up ffs. lol

Parker Family: Her hair isn't even curly at the end??

M Oo: Great tutorial! I disagree with your comment that people who are good at curling their hair wouldn't benefit from the MiraCurl. I'm good at curling my hair and I absolutely LOVE it! I have long straight fine-ish hair and the humidity where I live normally flattens my curls pretty quickly. With this they last all day! It somehow gives my hair more volume also, and that's a big plus for me.

Kryptonic flowz: just got it ! my cousin used it on my daughters hair. it got stuck twice but I think that was just human error. I love it!!

avocadocal_: i'm single cause my ass smells like corn

avocadocal_: love me.

LuciDarling101: Thanks for the video! I just ordered mine today, and i am so excited to get it and get my curls :)

PS: I paid $90 for mine, using website Jet and a coupon.

Priyanka Sahagayen: Is any possibility to stuck hair inside the curler ?

Letícia Maeda: I think you bought the fake one ....

Klaudia Alvarez: Nice 😍

CATHERINE VILLACORTA ARATIA: how do u clean yourmiracurl
BaByliss Miracurl: Review & Demo 5 out of 5

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Davona Watson: DO NOT use this if your planning to get a perm or relaxer soon. the two chemicals (products) DO NOT go together it will BURN (have side effects)on your scalp . stop use 2weeks before your scheduled appointment . and continue use 2weeks after, once your hair is no longer relaxed /permed .
-Side effects may vary .doesn't happen to everyone but yea... -

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BaByliss Miracurl: Review & Demo