Same MASCARA - Different Application

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Same MASCARA - Different Application
Same MASCARA - Different Application
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Mascara Reviews BEST & WORST Mostly Drugstore + EYE PICTURES
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Drugstore Vs. Designer Waterproof Mascara Test
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Mary Adkison: Your pronation is weird 🤭

Isabelle Lennartsson: I think the Lashes look lumpish on both eyes :(

Noor Khan: Your talking way is so simple.

Emma C: Cool trick! I find my lashes are super straight and even if I curl them they always seem to fall back straight. Got any tips? Thanks Aly 💕

Green 1998: Thank god for a beauty video that is under 15 minutes long 😂 it’s great

SSURAIYA: I've been apply mascara like this since I watched the video a few months ago. This beaty hack actually works guys! I get so much more use out of my mascaras now. Thank you! 😘

Ola Maj: Agree. Very honest nice girl. At least it's not a fake "oh I love you guys . .. I am doing this for fun and because I love you..."

Flor Serna: Ur the best makeup YouTuber.

MengMangue: That was really useful I didn't know that!! Thank you :-) you deserve that thumb up haha

Tripthi Rasquinha: Love your accent
what accent is it .? You are the you tube mascara queen

Paola Arias: Muy bella

sejbomb: My lashes go in all directions unless I have them lifted and tinted. I wish I had these kinda lashes!

Dejuh Vuh: You went over that eye 100 times though. It’s obviously going to look different than the one you went over 1-2 times lol

Naeema S: You’re the best Aly!
I wish you weren’t so underrated. :(

Fiorella G: I'm subscribing bc you seem honest

ruki 26: i actually like the first one better

Serenity Rivera: She makes the word mascara sound so fancy 😄 also I want that mirror!

Premium Noodles: They both look like spider lashes

shrek 2: ewwwww thats craptiest mascara ive ever seen
Same MASCARA - Different Application 5 out of 5

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Same MASCARA - Different Application