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Chanel Must Have Brushes 101   DreDreDoesMakeup
Chanel Must Have Brushes 101 DreDreDoesMakeup
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OMG!! Chanel Brushes // NO B*llS*it Review and First Impressions
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Carly H: The contour shadow brush is AMAZING!!! I use that brush for doing cat eyeliner with a powder shadow! It’s so awesome!

thirteen angel xo: thank you!!

Kayla rae: Thank you for making this video there isn't enough videos out there for Chanel makeup brushes its great for people like me who are curious about the quality and makeup line. BTW your makeup looks beautiful and fresh and your videos are awesome. I'm wondering if you like any other luxury brand brushes.

lenalene l: Hi, I own chanel foundation brush no.7 but not sure how to use it and which chanel foundation is the best to use with.. please please make a tutorial of usinf chanel no.7 foundation brushes or general guideline of which brush is best for which type of foundation. That would be really helpful. P.s. love your videos so much! Very informative xx

Άννα Αντωνίου: I subscribed recently to your channel and I I love all of your videos! They are very useful! Chanel is my favorite brand.. keep up the beautiful work! 💖

shehbaya: Hi ... I'm new to makeup , and i choose to use powder foundation but i was wondering if you think the powder brush 1 or 2 would be more easier to you ... Thanks in advance for the help

dizacquinto: Thank you so much for review. It was very helpful for me. I have bought Chanel brushes due to you review and I love it. Thank you. Love you

Beauty Junkies: ohhh i want All chanel brushes!! unfortunately too expensive huhuhu
Love Everything about Chanel.
And You are just Great Representator of Chanel 😍

Julio Salinas: The thing about morphe brushes is that you can find a good morphe brush but they don't last. I've had several morphe brushes that have fallen apart on me within a couple months. Which is why I no longer purchase them. Where as my Chanel and MAC brushes are going strong.

Aya Sabiniano: I can't stop watching your videos! Love your channel as much as I love Chanel products! I just bought the new retractable eye shadow brush and few of the new shadows... i'm in love with them!!! Hope you post videos soon on how to apply the new shadows and how to create different looks!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Margi Straw: Very good informative video! I've bought a few chanel brushes and I am looking to get some more. What do you think of Chanel's flat foundation brush or the stippling brush?

Anastasia Menshikova: Love this video!! What do you think about the new Retractable Eye Contour and Eyeshadow brushes? Are they worth it? <3

nor intan: Hi. Your videos are informative. It will be great if u could one on how to wash chanel brushes.
What are your thoughts about Chanel facials?

ana torres: Omg I love this video I feel like nobody talks about Chanel brushes I have most of the ones you mentioned and they are amazing! I would love a video on how you wash your Chanel brushes . Can't wait for future Chanel videos! I have a question nothing to do with brushes but I really want to try the Chanel cc cream but not sure on the shade I use vita lumiere Aqua in shade 40 what shade would you suggest for the cc cream?
Chanel Must Have Brushes 101 | DreDreDoesMakeup 5 out of 5

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Chanel Must Have Brushes 101 | DreDreDoesMakeup