How To Use Conair Curl Secret | Review And Demo

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How to use Conair Curl Secret   Review and Demo
How to use Conair Curl Secret Review and Demo
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NEW Conair Curl Secret first impression review - itsjudytime
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Myfaith love: It Came with Easy Twist chamber Cleaner do you Have Video How to use it Thank u

Myfaith love: OM I just got one for Christmas yesterday A Good Friend gave it to me I will use it today can't wait I want tighter Curls I gott Really learn how to use it

Colleen Marsh: Thanks you make it look so easy and I will section my hair for the future when using this.

Amanda Meeks: When you use the infinity pro curl secret how do you get it to release from your hair after it curls 1 strand of hair 😎

David Daniels: Great video!
you never spoke about the R, L, A
controls the device has. if you used it on your hair or how should it be used

Debbie McLeod: You have awesome hair!

Sophie Staples: How do you alternate side of curl if theopen chamber always as to face the head

Lisa Kiraly: AMAZING hair!!! Thanks for the video! Its number 3 on youtube so youre doing something right!

Tahreem Rauf: Can u do a makeup tutoriql

Ellie O’Brien: i plan on getting this curler for my birthday (october 24). how long does it take to curl all your hair?

Lesley Rodríguez: Tutorial starts 1:30

Karen Fairbairn: Been looking into getting one of these for doing my daughters hair, this is the first video I have found that shows it being used on really long hair. I've had my doubts on buying it due to similar products stating that it should only be used on mid length hair after watching your video I am a little more assured that this would work on their (nearly) bum length hair. Definitely will be checking more of your videos out!

Diana f: those curls suck . lol that machine sucks .

it's me: I seen this on TV

Anna Layman: I watched several videos on this curling iron and I love yours the best. Best Buy is having a sale on them for $79 then I can use my 20% coupon. I think I will get it, thanks to your video. Can you let me know what the best thing would be for a heat treatment for your hair before using? thank you for sharing!

Lucinda Burgess: I have one of the same and it doesn't work like yours? For starters it doesn't beep while in the process of curling the hair. Secondly instead of it sucking the hair in and staying in the position you placed the clamp, it moves towards my head while pulling the hair in?? Lastly, when i try and remove the curl the chamber won't unlock so i have to physically pull my hair to release it? I don't know what I may have done wrong while setting up the product, but i really want it to properly work like you have shown (btw, you did an AMAZING job)! If anyone can tell me whats wrong with the product or what im doing or have done wrong, please tell me!! Thanks 😉

Chloe Guljas: I really liked the video your so pretty btw. This is going to be my first time ever curling my hair by myself something that I'm scared a bit is how to curl the back of my hair cause I can't see what I'm doing and how much hair and yeah so any tips how to curl the back of your hair by yourself

Ayla Scialdone: Loved this tutorial! My husband just bought me one so I was wondering how to use it! You make it look so easy! Excited to try mine out ❤️

Jessica Markoya: Oh you're so gorgeous! I just discovered your channel and I'm hooked. Thanks for posting!

Sammy Jayne - Idle Girl: wow I love your channel!! your hair is so amazing!!! <3 xxx
How to use Conair Curl Secret | Review and Demo 5 out of 5

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How to use Conair Curl Secret | Review and Demo