OMG ... Does THIS EYEBROW STAMP Really Work???

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OMG ... Does THIS EYEBROW STAMP Really Work???
OMG ... Does THIS EYEBROW STAMP Really Work???
Stamp on Makeup! Does it work?   TINA TRIES IT
Stamp on Makeup! Does it work? TINA TRIES IT
Stamp On Eyebrows?   DEMO & Review
Stamp On Eyebrows? DEMO & Review
Try It Tuesday ~ 3 Second Brow Eyebrow Stamp Kit!
Try It Tuesday ~ 3 Second Brow Eyebrow Stamp Kit!

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Evelyn Moroyoqui: I thought the first picture on this product looked familiar...

natmccallion: I know this video was yonks ago, but I just ordered this product and I’m super excited!! My brows are now impossible as I had an accident in January which has left me with a big ugly scar running from one eyebrow into my hair. One brow is now higher than the other so I look like I’ve had a stroke! To make matters worse still, I’m around the same age as you Tati and plucked the life out of my brows which leaves me very little to work with to correct my wonky brow situation. I’m willing to try anything to make my brows look better when I go out as I’m more self conscious about them than the actual scar!!!! Any suggestions?? 🤕😘😘

Bronwyn B: James needs some man scaping 💕🅱52

morgan morgan: They applicator itself should have also been clear maybe? For more preciseness?

Jax: Thank u tati for not being basic and jumping on the thick eyebrow trend

Robbie Rice: My tweezing was way worse will this still work

Tiear Dragon: I have too much of a brow. They are super dark too. It looks weird cause im a blond adn everyone thinks i just overdo my brows. xD

Leah Divina: WGE_Asia on Facebook is using your thumbnail to sell this horrifying brow stamps. 😡

Bobbie Black: ok amanda bynes

Deborah Craven: Angie just reviewed a similar one from target and she loved it !!

Gita Yahyai: Hi Tati. I think someone heard you because there is a “3 second eyebrow kit” sold at Target which is very similar to the one you tried ...wait for it...and has a mirror. 😉

Natalie Chung: What lipsticks are you wearing on the video?

Jamie Kreitzer: Oh u did it already haha

Soledad Amour: If anybody is watching this i would apply concealer first then apply the stamp so you have a guide

2 Time BrainSurg Survivor/RareDisease Fighter: Did I try the 3second brow ? Not sure if this is a dupe of that or that is a dupe of this lol what came first chicken or the egg?

Shyne Dink: This is a year late... lol but I trim my bf’s brow bushes.. looks so good and clean i just follow his natural arch and his brows looks so damn good ☺️

Fiona Cahill: Where did you buy your beautiful standing lamp from please?

festivelady826: Girl, that is the BEST your eyebrows have ever looked! I bought this because I lost my brows to cancer 12 years ago and they never came back. I couldn't do it AT ALL. I LOVE yours!

Monkey Brown: Go to the barber and ask for an edge up for your brows

Randy Rosiello: My problem is one brow is lower than the other. How do I make them even and looking natural. Light blond also
OMG ... Does THIS EYEBROW STAMP Really Work??? 5 out of 5

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OMG ... Does THIS EYEBROW STAMP Really Work???