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little lolita: What's her face shape

Erin Dennehey: This guy knows more about makeup then I do

Chloe Pc: This helps so much

DrJonesNathan: He is hot. ❤️

KHADIZA254: Her beauty ! My god ... Mashallah .... Alwaz keep smiling dear u r so beautiful

Eureka onthetrack: I love how passionate he is about makeup! And the model too! They both beautifully represent Sephora really well!

Sim: Why do they have a voice over? I wanna hear the jokes she's laughing at.

Anti Lizzeth: She reminds me of Alyssa Milano 😍

samina khurram: And if need to do cream contour so apply after the setting powder or before ? Then apply powder bronzer on top of cream contour ?

samina khurram: So always put setting powder on foundation then apply powder blush , but if apply cream blush then again reapply setting brush ?

Love, Sophie: This was so helpful and informative but fun to watch and the model is gorgeous!

JulieMuz: Who is this model? Outstanding beauty! 😍

Geraldine Young: Absolutely stunning 😘love David's Video's & technique 👌🏽💕

Liz Gil: I love your mini tutorials... me encantan!

Becky Cruz: I'm so slow I just remembered it's called blush because it makes you look like your naturally blushing 😊 ☺️😂😅

Sabrina S.: Hello, i love blushes but have large pores and blush emphasizes it. What can I do to minimize this problem?
I have oval/long face, olive skin tone.

Tania: this videos are so useful I love them 😭❤ I wish there was a Sephora where I live

SongCreator71: 🌞HI David🌞

Melanie Ballecer: Again, great tips! David rocks! And it's nice to see people having fun with makeup. ;)

Sheikh Fareha: can you please do a video of makeup ,just like this model wearing it exactly like her,and ur an amazing makeup artist 😘😘
How to Apply Blush | Sephora 5 out of 5

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How to Apply Blush | Sephora