War Thunder Best Tank At Tier 1? The Soviet Land Battleship!

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Andrew McAdam: The only problem with the T-35 is its weak armor

SkeletorRises: 9:26 look at his eagles.

Brian Hunter: When you are VERY Bored and VERY Stoned! lmao

Littlebig L: lol I took this thing out with one hit in a t-50

Michael Gamer like friend: Modified T-28?

Xxx Xxx: t50

Greg Mingz: i have a suggestion
can you all use (BT-5) then ram one tank

MR. Gameplayz: and the bad thing about the t 25 its bullet drop are way too much you need to aim really high

MR. Gameplayz: the aiming dot where youre shots will land doesent really work youre shot mosstly goes to the upper of the dot

Luka Horvat: witt which button i shoot with sentry gun?

Mr.Ruffy: THAT bay to win
this thank is so op

Norecanplay: i cant find the tank in my game

Fishfingers232: This thing looks massively OP for its tier.

USSR: T-38

dragan Ljubenov: it was so low of gaijin giving this a 1.3 battle rating

Danieл: I freakin hate war thunder being pay to win...

MultiMedia XL: is that a tier 1? are you serious. need to buy golden Eagles

Cloгох Вleacн: You know a Tank is going to die when a plane crashes and a field of fire is behind em.

Retfarcimak (ret team): The BT-7 was literally designed to act like a sports car when tracks were removed so...

dang9669: very entertaining video, nice work!
War Thunder Best Tank at Tier 1? The Soviet Land Battleship! 5 out of 5

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lord0strzo: what is this usefull for?
Andrew McAdam: The only problem with the T-35 is its weak armor
Craig Gerlach: Speed demon with a raised 6 and 169 blades is a 650 cfm, correct? any chance it could fuel a 455 BBB with mild build, 268H cam, 9:1, 2" primary TA headers, TH400 with 3.90 rear?
five nights at frddys lovver lovver: give me give me I be wanting for a. 2years now
Lemi BL: jesi smotan brate dragi...isto kao da radiš tuđim rukama, a i engleski ti je za q...tz
1barnet1: Racing in 3rd person and claiming it's a simulation racer.......
Not saying it's a bad game on the contrary. Just don't call a cat a dog when it's clearly not.
By the way i don't believe that gran turismo V and VI are sims either after playing them both.

Dogboy73: Bonkers! I need one of these ;-)

War Thunder Best Tank at Tier 1?  The Soviet Land Battleship!