Nays Postie Bike Part 5

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Adrian Newton: can i suggest:

for rusty nuts and bolts etc, leaving them in a solution of vinegar for 24hrs. Don't forget to then put them in a solution afterwards to neutralize the vinegar.

Poor mans sonic cleaner. Put pieces in a plastic jar or tub with a degreaser and attach your sander to it. Switch it on and let the magic happen.

Videos on youtube if you wanna check out both items.

lonestarrider: Loving the episodes! ;-)  Looking forward to part 6!

MrPopicock: ha mark top stuff keep it up

MotoTudor: Great series of videos errr episodes ;). Making me want to get a postie heheh. Also liking the shorter videos a lot! 

ArchimedeanEye: These vids are gold Mark.... What a dream setup for a bloke to have a chick like Nay. Great stuff.

Charles Brian Blackburn: LOL awesome

Rex4x4: Lookin good bud

Patrick Brandon: Great work you guys, I always look forward to videos by you, they are very entertaining.  Is Mango a colour?  Probably an orange is what you're going with though.  As far as welding the tank, the combustible vapors should be long gone out of it by now.  Spray some compressed air in it if you have doubts.  I've welded on a lot of tanks, and still have all nine fingers left.  Keep up the good work.  Does Nay have any older sisters?

IRON MAN: Wow a lot of hard work there . Good name Nay so I'm guess orange ? Ya I hate hand sanding to but the end job makes it all worth the pain . Keep the Episodes coming lol !

regulardan: You guys make a good team on camera :) So that pot belly back stuff. Holds up to a bit more of a beating then normal paint?  I ask because I am thinking of making the rims black on mine and am open to any durable paint options that are cheaper then powder coating

Sean McGrath: Can't wait to see it all back together!

TMV: The only thing I can think of is tangerine orange.

Biker Bits: G'day guys, the work continues as we clean all the parts and start spraying the primer. Nay is doing an awesome job! Hope you enjoy :-) Cheers... Mark

Robert Paradis: Hey Mark the proper way to deal with gas tanks is to get them steamed or purge them with nitrogen before/during welding but that can be time consuming and expensive. When I weld on gas tanks or other tanks holding flammable liquids, I fill them with water if it is possible to do so without screwing other components up in the process. In the case of the tank that you need to weld it should be no problem to fill it up with water. Just blow it out with compressed air before installation to make sure there is no water left over.
PM me on Facebook if you run into trouble.
On a side note and DON’T DO THIS I have also welded on tanks with flammable liquids after filling them up to the top to limit the space that vapours can form and welding below the fluid level, fun crap.

Paul: Hi Mark & Nay :-)
Great video as usual. You are certainly keeping us in suspence with the colour scheme, lol !!!!!
Re fuel tank welding........Please be VERY careful with this, safety safety safety!!! I would consider taking it to a tank welding expert, it may cost a few dollars but at least it's the safest way to get it done. Keep up the good work Mark & Nay. I just love your videos!!  

dprider02: Cool project, and it's especially fun to see you and Nay working together on it. Two heads (and pairs of hands) are better than one! Looking forward to seeing your prowess on those little welding repairs. I'm no expert, but I know that thin sheet metal can be a bit tricky. Pretty easy to blow holes through it.

Big Joe: "Cheap Bastards Spray Booth" ...I like it :)   I think I am going to get me one of them too for my next job, your selling them as a kit in your shop ? hehe.  I know you said cheap but one of them paper spray mask only cost $1.
Episode 5 and still no idea of color, you loveeeeeeee stringing us along, don't you.  No idea about the color, but I am pretty certain that it won't be black or pink.

Sum4Seb: Tango is a great name! You have us guessing but really looking forward to part 6. Coming along nicely, you two make a great team :) We love these videos, good job to both of you.

pitbullxv750: Lookin' good guys.

Just watched these latest "episodes" and noticed something in part 3 you might want to check out.
When you were adjusting the cam chain, the back wheel was turning and it looked a little bit buckled, or possible the tyre/tire isn't fitted properly. 

And as somebody said below, research how to weld a fuel tank, dodgy stuff.

David Riley: are you going to support those broken pieces with a piece of bar behind it? That's what id do as a armchair expert with zero experience in bike frame welding
Nays Postie Bike Part 5 5 out of 5

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Nays Postie Bike Part 5