Lucien Greaves, 'The Satanic Temple And The Law'

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Lucien Greaves.
Lucien Greaves. "The Satanic Temple and the Law"
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Lucien Greaves on the Satanic Temple
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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Possibly Being Sued By The Satanic Temple
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Stabby McG: I’m not a satanist, and never plan to be, but I have respect for Lucien. People have the right to join whatever religious group they want to be a part of.

‘Cept for cults.


Lili Moon: Education provided to those Americans ignorant of laws that protect us all is the greatest gift..thank you Mr.Mesner

aquaviva923: The satanic temple and the law 🤔
How about the Free Eternal gift of The Risen Lord Jesus Christ the death burial and resurrection The Gospel that Saves (Today) 1 Corinthians 15:1-4
In whom we have the redemption through his blood the forgiveness of sins according to the riches of his grace Ephesians 1:7

DIVINA TORRES: Time will come you will wake up your mind, during the judgement day. As of now your life full of happiness , wealth, free to do dark things just to fulfil the lust of the flesh. But Satan never tell you the truth that your life or soul will also go to the place where Satan lives. Satan now also suffering in pain, he wants to have lots of people to go with him in the place where there's no real joy, no real peace, no love, full of misery, gnashing of teeth, unquenchable fire. Jesus loves you guys. He loves people, Jesus Christ created us the same of his image and His likeness.

Jessica Pollard: The water you drink in a food heat came from God God almighty

Ely Powell: The Christian church is gone from America. Its seems rediculous that atheists scream and moan about Christians but they utter not one word against satanists who do worship a being who is spirit but claim this is not true. Liars.

nixonwasframed: As an added bonus, the camera person plays bongos the whole time.

Argentavis 1488: He knocks Fox News yet heavily relies on Fox News; the only cable news network that gave him a platform and the footage obtained from them to bring attention and "validity" to his argument 🙄

Argentavis 1488: Authentic Religious Expression? Spare me! Douglas speaks about Evangelicals in a derogatory manor, proclaiming they're deranged indoctrinators yet leads the most deranged indoctrinating temple on American soil 🙄 He's nothing more than a trolling provocateur chasing down, harassing and picking fights with Evangelicals all over the country for his own sick amusement. He's the fanatic! How many Evangelicals named Douglas do you see running down to city hall to have their birth names changed to Gideon, Enoch, Noah or Ezekiel as to "match" their beliefs or "prove" their devotion? Make no mistake about it "Lucien Greaves" is an attention seeking whore selling satanism. His theatrical pseudonym and ghoulish wonky eye might intrigue trick-or-treaters but that's about where it ends. Anyone who finds this man-child remotely interesting and can't see he's just a joke trying waaaay too hard should kill themselves. Perhaps Comic Con is a better suited venue for what this clown is selling. Although, I'm pretty sure that crowd would also be put off by his disingenuous persona.

Sebastian Sean Crow: Lucien’s appearances on Tucker Carlson are what would be called “discussments”

Amanda Yelvington: What is this whole satanic thing!?!? I like it it's interesting Someone message me if you know about it!! please!!💕

Paul Delaunay: Just awesome

Paul Delaunay: Awesome

Mathew LaFata: Even if we do all worship satan, one religion thats generic is the best idea.

Denise Parzych: SATANIST PIG

grandmotherweb: What does the law say about filming rape survivors without consent and defaming them on the internet?

PRHILL9696: Lucien is always brilliant

Linda Hartlén: thank you for uploading :)
Lucien Greaves, "The Satanic Temple and the Law" 5 out of 5

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