50 Cal Chinese Made Machine Gun

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full auto machine gun firing demo
full auto machine gun firing demo

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Rocket Propelled Mexican: How to feel like a syrian rebel

john smith: its a clone

Landser: 1:27

Dmitry tachanko: Chinese gun suck

نولبق اغغتالف: Ilove you gun

Mark Manwaring: I want one !

TBAG AfraidGaming: Is that plastic ?

The Patriot Duck: DShk

Ken Chan: I saw some stupid guys talked about copyright of weapons which were made for killing the enemies. You are not the right people to survive in this planet because of your low IQ level.

Rights And Liberty: Chinese version of the browning machine gun, hun-Lee machine gun nothing new

glockumollie: I notice at 3:33 he fires gun but no muzzle rise. That is very good for accurate fire. That weapon is in beautiful shape, it looks brand new. When was it made?

Trump Guts: I admire and jealous you guys has the chance to fire a DSHK type MG.Tremendous fire power!

Daniel Pohl: Great protester treatment.

TheFitnessGramPacerTest isaMultistageAerobicCap: Yeah go Asian machine guns

dire wolf gaming 14: is this the truck mounted HMG in BF4 on the Chinese faction?

Peter Murphy: Awesome video Steve! Are these guns just at a range in Cambodia or do they sell them too? How much was it to shoot this thing?

multiHappyHacker: need a target man

Fuzzy Dunlop: Looks like the precursor to the KORD.

Asher Nevrekar: Looks like an NSV machine gun.

Jarmo Luukka: So big and beautiful
50 cal Chinese made machine Gun 5 out of 5

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Rony Rodríguez Ortíz: Sería interesante una explicación particularmente del orden de esa baraja y los juegos que se pueden hacer, buen video.
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Manny Garcia: Can you make the eggplant part from Olive Garden

50 cal Chinese made machine Gun