Sasuke Akatsuki Cosplay

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Sasuke Akatsuki Cosplay
Sasuke Akatsuki Cosplay

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wolfg4amer: OMG u got the girl ver of sasuke not the male ur wearing a skirt

Gulli 1234: that freakin hair is soo freakin nooby

ll-RUNxGUN-ll: boii wtf did u do to your hair tf is that you look like you about to kill your self tf is you doing 😂

Nolan Hewitt: it's been a long time

Located Ostrich: Hot topic

TeeJay99: Your still the same maggot wen we played halo3 you idiot.. lol ohh my dads a bungie member oh my dads a bungie members I'll ban you.. Your hair is the worst ever haircut especially for your head bro shave that crap

Min1802 A.R.M.Y: ugly

Luxifa: thanks for the rope tutorial

Sisypheap Mey: I bought for the robe for only 20-25$ and the quality is kinda good

Max Edens: no sword?

Press Start Seb: Great video man, I've got a Team Taka Sasuke Cosplay as well, looks a bit different than yours, it is up on my channel if you want to give it a peak! The shirt is grey instead of white

Luan Gamer: ok like verygood good video hehe

florhest: OMG! That Cosplay is awesome. I wish i had it!

Sasuke Uchiha: I got my own Sasuke cosplay now!!!!

Vuvu: Lol mark!!!!!!

Naruto RZ46K: Shinobi We ENDURE!! lol

orion0sphere: Thanks for this vid ^-^ It helped me tie the belt xD  but now I'm beginning to think my cos is a bit big on me D:

angel cervantes: EBAY IS CHEAPER!

Yukiko James: Omg!!! Lets be friends!!! <3_<3

Aeo: Yo, thanks for this video. It helped me learning how to tie the rope just like how it looks like on Sasuke. But I'm havig troublle with the length of my rope. What is the length of your rope? Mine's too long.
Sasuke Akatsuki Cosplay 5 out of 5

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wolfg4amer: OMG u got the girl ver of sasuke not the male ur wearing a skirt
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Sasuke Akatsuki Cosplay