REVIEW OF Dell 27' LCD LED Widescreen Monitor (SE2717H) AND TEST!!!!

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REVIEW OF Dell 27" LCD LED Widescreen Monitor (SE2717H) AND TEST!!!!
Dell SE2716H Monitor - Review
Dell SE2716H Monitor - Review
Dell 27
Dell 27" LCD LED Widescreen Monitor (SE2717H) Review
Dell S2716DG 27-inch G-SYNC Gaming Monitor Review
Dell S2716DG 27-inch G-SYNC Gaming Monitor Review
Unboxing of the Dell P2717H monitor and comparison to the P2714H
Unboxing of the Dell P2717H monitor and comparison to the P2714H

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Gaming for Youtube: Is this a Display Port? Or HDMI? Or do you have to get a computer for it?

effyou128: Nabarun Roy What does being a Engineer have to do with a monitor review? I have a M.B.A in civil Engineering and I will Tell you that My degree has absolutely nothing to do with a Dell Monitor lol So what type of Engineer are you pretending to be? lol freaking dumb ass! I have never seen so many lil Immature kids arguing over something so stupid. Who cares if he talked about F.P.S ? He made a video and said whatever he wanted! For someone to jump down his throat over something so dumb You must not have very many Opportunities to insult someone in person so you do it on hear! I bet you are a little bitch in person! It definitely shows by your comments on hear! So what kind of Engineer are you Pretending to be today?

Ethan: You obviously know hardly anything about computers. Monitors don't make games go fast, they can make them go slower if it's a high resolution but it's your actual PC that affects framerates.

ali mirzaee: when you play with it , do you suffer from ghosting ?
and you said " no input lag " , that's not possible buddy , always there's input lag

Ben Scalzi: So if we want to record gameplay of a game, will It capture the audio from the gameplay?

P3mdas: is it g sync

Allan VN: Does the ips bleed and does it have a audio output?

The Amigos: Do you need a speaker to play audio on the monitor

Siva Sampath Tutika: How many USB ports does this monitor have??

BananaMan Fornite and more: I’m going to get one

DejawoostA: This "review" was truly awful and full of misinformation, no wonder you disabled the like/dislike bar

J.Liang Hng: Hi, Great video. Very helpful for me. How dim the monitor can be with the brightness setting to 0? Can the back-light totally turn off like Apple Thunderbolt Display or iPhone? FYI, I have an Acer monitor which the lowest brightness still too bright for me.

Pugger: Have you had any issues yet? I am thinking about buying this soon.

Michael Jackson #King of pop: Dell and gaming? Give me a break ,man! And this Nabarun is right,these kids are just getting more and more stupid,as time passes by....

FuckMyLife: Pretty good if you don't wanna spend $500 on a freaking monitor

عبدالرحمن البلوي: does it have speakers or speakers plug

PXLPlayers Down Syndrome Tiger: "dont worry about the FPS" you no duh dumbass your FPS is controlled by your system. you are obviously not qualified to do any sort of review if you dont know simple crap like that.

The Knife Life: Are you sure about the height? Online it says 18 inches

xLyber: is the monitor height adjustable?

M0ZHI27: what game are you playing and is the monitor fast and good
REVIEW OF Dell 27" LCD LED Widescreen Monitor (SE2717H) AND TEST!!!! 5 out of 5

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