REVIEW OF Dell 27' LCD LED Widescreen Monitor (SE2717H) AND TEST!!!!

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REVIEW OF Dell 27" LCD LED Widescreen Monitor (SE2717H) AND TEST!!!!
The Best 27” Monitor Under $130!! [Dell SE2717Hx]
The Best 27” Monitor Under $130!! [Dell SE2717Hx]
Dell SE2716H Monitor - Review
Dell SE2716H Monitor - Review
Dell 27
Dell 27" LCD LED Widescreen Monitor (SE2717H) Review
Unboxing of the Dell P2717H monitor and comparison to the P2714H
Unboxing of the Dell P2717H monitor and comparison to the P2714H

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GamerZ Logic: 24inch, freesync, 75hz refresh rate, ips anti-glare display with a 6 milli-seconds respond time. Your welcome viewers of this video.

Deshaun Watson: If you wanna pc game how are you supposed to hear?

Deshaun Watson: Hey do you have to connect the speaker though the monitor and can you have headphones plugged into the monitor?

Kellan Oakes: you know nothing about PC's and framerates lol

Nashi Tomori: +Gaminghi whats your fortnite?

Nashi Tomori: imma be getting a asus rog of dell G7 soon

Nashi Tomori: nice try. lol you may be like "how do i know?" well ive been learning. does it have GTX TI 1080? or 12 GB of ram?

Jason L: What is the wall mount holes distance?

Alxds: 2 really fast questions. Can the stand be removed and place the monitor on an arm and do you recommend it

Drew Patterson: FPS is dependent on the PC not the monitor. The monitor however does have a refresh rate. Frames per second or "FPS" is drawn by the GPU not the monitor. The monitor has a refresh rate or how many times a complete image is displayed per interval. If your PC can hit 100 FPS but your monitor is 60Hz your only going to see 60FPS. It's not rocket science for those on here arguing. A monitor doesn't BOOST your frames in game, but if your PC can hit higher FPS having a monitor with higher hz is going to produce a much more fluid gaming experience. The typical monitor standard is 60fps. Honestly this is enough to have an enjoyable experience. That being said hitting 144hz range can really make a night and day difference in "fluidity" of a gaming experience. Things feel more natural in movement and you get less "ghosting" in fast paced games. This is why alot of "pro" gamers prefer higher refresh rate monitors.

lollon82: Input lag is like death and taxes, only things certain in life

lollon82: I read in the specs it can reach 75hz, but with no display port, only HDMI 1.4, is that possible?

KEEVVY: Is there a bit of motionblurr?

Lukeye 7: “Some games I play go at 500fps on this thing”

Gaming for Youtube: Is this a Display Port? Or HDMI? Or do you have to get a computer for it?

effyou128: Nabarun Roy What does being a Engineer have to do with a monitor review? I have a M.B.A in civil Engineering and I will Tell you that My degree has absolutely nothing to do with a Dell Monitor lol So what type of Engineer are you pretending to be? lol freaking dumb ass! I have never seen so many lil Immature kids arguing over something so stupid. Who cares if he talked about F.P.S ? He made a video and said whatever he wanted! For someone to jump down his throat over something so dumb You must not have very many Opportunities to insult someone in person so you do it on hear! I bet you are a little bitch in person! It definitely shows by your comments on hear! So what kind of Engineer are you Pretending to be today?

Ethan: You obviously know hardly anything about computers. Monitors don't make games go fast, they can make them go slower if it's a high resolution but it's your actual PC that affects framerates.

ali mirzaee: when you play with it , do you suffer from ghosting ?
and you said " no input lag " , that's not possible buddy , always there's input lag

Ben Scalzi: So if we want to record gameplay of a game, will It capture the audio from the gameplay?

P3mdas: is it g sync
REVIEW OF Dell 27" LCD LED Widescreen Monitor (SE2717H) AND TEST!!!! 5 out of 5

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