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LonestarPaul: Heureusement que depuis vous avez investi dans une camera avec un stab' d'image ;)
jose cornejo pastor: A quesitos had a overtake in Start where in loews corner was overtaking for exterior? The minute is 3.00
Mizael Android Gamer: Link fica desviando, não entra o link certo
Tomasina Covell: Seiko is just making dumber and dumber choices about dials now days.
Michael Kinder: What do you think of my work?? Visit my channel to view them!!
Paul Hanau: Great videos, thanks! See my full comments on part II.
Winand D: Tip: don't shut off the printer when the hotend is still that hot! If you cut the power off, the cooling fan stops blowing cold air on the heatsink. The heat can creep up from the nozzle to the coldend and cause clogs. So let it cool down to at 100C first..

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