Martin And Lewis - Oh Marie & Show Ending

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sophie75: I think outsiders were very jealous of Martin and Lewis chemistry and close relationship. I never trusted Sinatra. Divide and conquer.

Susana Tavares: Love love jerry

Mary M: OMG Jerry's eyes...they are just so damn gorgeous!!!

CarlesDJ: Geniuses!!!

Bernie Piche': R.I.P. Mr. Lewis. It was an honor to meet and have a short conversation with you.

Nicholas Caianiello: So sad they split what magic they had together, Jerry is truely the KING OF COMEDY nothing was ever rehearsed WOW!

Edward Charles: Jerry doesn't let poor Dean talk, he keeps interrupting him.

Patti Padgett: I just peed my pants.....gotta go change

Ernestina Quezada: i could watch jerry and dean and never get tired of them

Cristina Lombardo: lol love this comedy duo!!!!

Bruta Bruto: Jerry Lewis, is so adorable!

Definitely Miami Vice: LMAO--at 3:30, a girl in the audience yells, "DINO!", an' Dean's head whips around.

Nerak S.: I don't know what "Mashoe" means? Someone knows?

Lise Kartak-McDonald: Please God, Never take Jerry from us, Please,  Never We NEED him <3

serpico56: always watch the backing musos if they are laughing you know how good these guys were

BruceTheDragonLee: Jerry's laugh is just as adorable as Dean's voice they were such an amazing team I love them both so much and I miss you Dino 

Elizabeth Costello: @Hadeydeppio martin & lewis - oh Marie just like that

clausyn1: I love the way Jerry laughs after stretching Dean's mouth XD

clausyn1: I wish Jerry had sung with his legitimate voice more often. There are few songs he sang and recorded. Well, they are few to me.

clausyn1: You don't feel good? LOL :D
Martin and Lewis - Oh Marie & Show Ending 5 out of 5

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Martin and Lewis - Oh Marie & Show Ending