Brony Analysis; DrWolf001

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Brony Analysis; DrWolf001
Brony Analysis; DrWolf001

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Brony discussions: Headcanons (with Dr Wolf and Past Analysis)

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Joe Francis: I have a feeling if this came out this year this video would have been WAY different...

Golden Heart: Dr. Wolf is my favorite Brony too. He's an exemplary Brony, in my honest opinion. :)

DRWolf001: Thank you for the kind words Gamelink. I actually recognized the background music early on, since my younger brother had done such a wonderful cover of that piece well over a decade ago. Perhaps I should look into whether or not I could pull off something similar. That is, if Youtube's copyright system doesn't have an immediate issue with me doing so. We shall see.

Nelson Demifur: I have to admit I thought he was an actual therapist IRL too until he actually mentioned his job one time in a Q&A.


Skumpkin: I'd LOVE to see a crossover with you two ^¬^ (it's totally not because I really want to draw new art around it or anything.... >.>)
Brony Analysis; DrWolf001 5 out of 5

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BunchofButt: LOL looks hilarious
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Vincent M: how is this not copyright? i mean elevator action has been around for years on various other platforms. all this is is elevator action with a dexter's lab skin. this is not even a new game. how was this allowed to be made and exist?
Z Of ZienCkar: Pour ceux qui pas entendus, y ont dit que le gouvernement voulait raser la ville d'Harran pour que la ville d'Harran n’existe plus après que la ville d'Harran ait été rasée. Ils veulent raser la ville d'Harran. Raser la ville d'Harran. Raser la ville d'Harran. Raser la ville d'Harran.
Pam Johnson: She's gone anti Trump because she has no access to the omnibus content. So no. She's no longer trustworthy.
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Brony Analysis; DrWolf001