Brony Analysis; DrWolf001

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Brony Analysis; DrWolf001
Brony Analysis; DrWolf001
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Joe Francis: I have a feeling if this came out this year this video would have been WAY different...

Golden Heart: Dr. Wolf is my favorite Brony too. He's an exemplary Brony, in my honest opinion. :)

DRWolf001: Thank you for the kind words Gamelink. I actually recognized the background music early on, since my younger brother had done such a wonderful cover of that piece well over a decade ago. Perhaps I should look into whether or not I could pull off something similar. That is, if Youtube's copyright system doesn't have an immediate issue with me doing so. We shall see.

Nelson Demifur: I have to admit I thought he was an actual therapist IRL too until he actually mentioned his job one time in a Q&A.


Skumpkin: I'd LOVE to see a crossover with you two ^¬^ (it's totally not because I really want to draw new art around it or anything.... >.>)
Brony Analysis; DrWolf001 5 out of 5

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Brony Analysis; DrWolf001