Living Hinge In Wood

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Living Hinge in Wood
Living Hinge in Wood
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Wooden Living Hinge
Laser Cut Living Hinge - Wood Book Cover
Laser Cut Living Hinge - Wood Book Cover
Make Wooden Hinges with Incra's I-Box and Hingecrafter
Make Wooden Hinges with Incra's I-Box and Hingecrafter
Production process : Wooden case for hinge
Production process : Wooden case for hinge

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Craig: Aren't you supposed to cut the hinge pattern With the grain?

Matthew Hooper: This is great, thanks!!

Afnan Ayman: I downlouded the file ,opened it on Autocad but its empty

fahd4007: SUBSCRIBED

Malwika Bajaj: How do u calculate the the gaps and slits?

Bryce Smith-Hudgens: The math involved, meaning the origin of the assignments of coefficients like "h1/y=3.5, x=5", is there any reference you can give for that? Or was it part of a program's labeling when making the design?

E. K: quick question .. does the thickness of the wood determine the spacing or length of the paralel lines?

« WACKØ » branding • films: what is the width (line stroke) you used on the third one?

王帅: hi,i am a chinese boy ,i love what you have done ,please tell me what kind of wood can do this, and what software used for it ,i have a laser cut mathine,i want do this like you ,because it is cool\

Angelous Mortis: I wonder how this would work with Iron Wood.

JackAttaak: What's the durability like for something like this? If incorporated into a toy, could one of these living hinges stand up to any kind of rough play?

Jihae Choe: how deep the hinge is?

misslibbyh: Downloaded the file but it's svg. I have no idea what to do with it. Needs to be png or other graphics file type. Thank you for sharing though. Guess I can create my own graphic if needed.

Jfreek5050: Is it possible to make a living hinge from metal?

CabinDoor: First min was hard to watch, rest was good. We really don't need to see your face, and especially not in that angle. Focus on the products.

Isabel Urrutia: Hi! I like the idea , and would like to apply it in acrylic . Do you think that would work ?

snowdog90210: I have to disagree.  Floppy wood is not fun.

Jan Milissen: Do you need a laser cutter or could you also make this with a rotaty multitool? Will be a lot more work but less costly than a laser cutter.

Borzou Azabdaftari: How would you bind the paper in there if you wanted to make a book?

Belwoorf: Great video mate. I've been looking for some examples in scale to the human hand to help me figure out how far apart the lines should be. Sweet product too :)
Living Hinge in Wood 5 out of 5

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Living Hinge in Wood