Beginner Makeup Tips & Tricks

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Beginner Makeup Tips & Tricks
Beginner Makeup Tips & Tricks
Drugstore Makeup Starter Kit ❥ + Makeup Tips & Tricks for Beginners
Drugstore Makeup Starter Kit ❥ + Makeup Tips & Tricks for Beginners
5 Makeup Tricks for Beginners   Makeup Geek
5 Makeup Tricks for Beginners Makeup Geek
Beginner's makeup tutorial (tips+tricks) and Product recommendations!
Beginner's makeup tutorial (tips+tricks) and Product recommendations!
Online Makeup School⎮My Experience⎮Makeup Kit For Beginners
Online Makeup School⎮My Experience⎮Makeup Kit For Beginners

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Anna Dunbar: I actually love how a lot of her makeup it on the dirtier side/ almost empty because it makes her more relatable in a way. My favorite makeup products look like that and they're pretty expensive so I can't always replace them with the wiggle of my finger or open up 50 PR packages to reveal brand new ones. I think it just makes Lupita more relatable and human 💕 love you, girl!

Elizaxo33 P: Jaja omgggg no no no no no what did i just watch this is horrible

SlayWith A'jee: You are so real & beautiful. Their is so much beauty that comes from you. Most of these youtubers are so damn fake & Kim K wannabes it's refreshing to have you!!!

Chrissy C: Great video! You look fantastic!

Janleidy Romano: One of the best face tips and tricks I ever seen.

Belleza Con Clarissa: Aww que linda eres 😘😘 me encanto tu maquillaje 😻

Flor Palacios: New Subscriber Love You girl.

Sofia Moniz: Thank you so much for all the help <33 I always love your videos so much, and you're such a cutie!

Rachel Moran: Do you get PR packages ??

Alison Thomas: A very helpful and informative tutorial. Thanks so much and as always, blessings.

dvoted4life: love the cheekbone trick very nice look xx

georgia_tall: For the beauty blender instead of cutting it use a normal soup block and rub the blender under the water with rubbing it with soup and no joke my blender was like brand new! Must try and love your channel ❤️❤️❤️

lily Barr: Pretty look.

fae: Yess girl try the #11 eyelashes from Kiss ever ez. They are my favorite and so lightweight!

Brenda Lena: Where do you buy the catrice cosmetic stuff at?! :(

Ms.Ezmirelda: Absolutely in love with this

Jordan Forrest: I love watching your videos and I enjoy hearing makeup tips because you can always learn something new. In the future I think you should zoom in a little so we could see what you're doing better. (At least for your eyes, brows)

marwa: When my JhXmorphe palette gets dirty I just take a baby wipe or makeup wipe and slightly rub at it then wipe over it all with a tissue and everything always comes off💗hope this helped💜

Joyce Maestas: Thanks so much for the pointers!! 💄💄

Sarah Nichols: Can u give an example of the Kat Von D dupe for those of us who want to save money?
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Beginner Makeup Tips & Tricks