The Perfect Blush: A Review

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The Perfect Blush: A Review
The Perfect Blush: A Review
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Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush Review
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Matthew Lapping: is tarte blush in exposed good for very pale skin like an nw15 I heard its a good bronzer contour for pale skin I have other bronzer contour colours but they can come off brusiey and muddy on my skin just wondered how you think it would work for very fair pink undertoned skin

John Criz: watch and download

John Criz: porn

TerrieJ DimestoreDivaTV: I am now officially hooked on these! My piggy bank is reserved for these lil babies!!! The shade range is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

shyisabear: Do u still recommend these Tiffany?

ridinreiners: I just bought this blush in exposed based on your review and really love it. I'm pale I think it's really pretty. It lasts just about the whole day on my oily skin. Very pleased. Thank you for the review!

DorcoUSA: Dollface looks like a really pretty color! Thanks for sharing! Also it was so smart to pop the dividers out of the container. Look forward to more videos! -- dorcousa*com

stockinettestitch: I've got Exposed, Blissful, and Charismatic. I really do love them all. I definitely want to get Peaceful as well. Nice video too.

Emma Walker: Just glue the base of the magnetic part of the palette into the palette!

Melissa Brocious: I have "amused" in the same blush, this is very pigmented blush so a little goes a long way!!

Sydnee Tittle: I love this blush! I have it i "buff" ad it is absolutely gorgeous and it stays on all day:)

Dan!ela: 💗 IT!...

Nicole M. Jimenez Rosario: I feel like my skin just sinks my blush D: but i'll try this :)

Bijou Africain: You look alike Andrea from ( Bad Girls Video ) !!!!!!

Lily B.: I'm a tarte convert from Mac, Nars, drugstore,

calilove IE: just subscribed :)

Carrie Bailey: love your reviews! i usually buy the stuff you recommend lol c

Selin GULER: I was just trying to give her some feedback to help... If I didn't care, I wouldn't spend any time expressing my opinion. I agree that she looks great, but there is room for improvement and I believe we all need to help each other as modern world's females to make most of us...

Susan74NJ: "You need to"?? This is how you start off a comment to someone you don't even know? YOU need to learn some manners! As for your "fail" comment - that's your opinion. I think she looks great.

hellohaze: so you like these better than other high end blushes like nars?
The Perfect Blush: A Review 5 out of 5

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The Perfect Blush: A Review