Should You Buy The Coil Raiden? GTA Doomsday Vehicle Review

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Skank Hunt42: We need a armored one please rockstar

OZZI: good vid, you deserve more subs :D

GeneticStunting: The front looks like a Ford Fusion.

JackSepticTank 2: It’s based on a Tesla model s

Artjom PR66: It's the only 4-seat Supersports car

Chris Casado: This vehicle has 2 electric motors no transmission just like tesla model s

Chilli Gamer: Holy shet you talk fast

Reqz Vile: this car is rapid

Ian Morris: I bought it and I hate it.

Expelliarmus !: 1.5 mill for this?..

I’d rather buy a brick ade

Will Willingham: It’s trash

CrazyTuber72: It is not based on the "P100D", it is based on the Tesla Model S. Noone knows anything about the engines/batteries

Austin Eskew: I disagree with you the car is really fast and it looks good with upgrades *dont ad on a spoiler it’s ugly” but it looks just like a Tesla

boon xin kok: guess only tesla fan buy it

Mr Iza: The fact that this is a Tesla is really nice but when I saw the speed testing I was disappointed , I know it’s the fastest 4 door but I play solo so that’s means nothing to me, the pariah will dominate. I also hate that crapty sunroof and that was the main reason I didn’t buy it lmao 😂

Tayfun: I must say I have to disagree. Yes, the price tag of this car is pretty hefty. But this car has an overpowered ability to off-road better than any car in the game. It can climb any mountain or the steepest hills and mountains like Mount Chilliad no problem and I do not mean by going over or near the road. It also has 4 seats which many people overlook but I don't know of any land vehicle in the game which has 4 doors and is this quick. This makes the car in my opinion one of the best if not the best car in the game. Finally I have to say that I didn't like the steering much, because the car understeered a lot unlike you thought it oversteered a lot.

JOEL SOMETHING: Wow good quality vid mate! Didn’t expect that from the sub count! (No hate) u earned a sub

6RingzDaLacKing: I like it

Jahnesta17: Your english is reaaally hard to understand for non native english speakers... :(

Kiwi_91: Reminds me of that other npc electric car. So I ain't buying this crap
Should You Buy The Coil Raiden? GTA Doomsday Vehicle Review 5 out of 5

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Should You Buy The Coil Raiden? GTA Doomsday Vehicle Review