Beginners Makeup Using ONE Eyeshadow

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Beginners Makeup using ONE Eyeshadow
Beginners Makeup using ONE Eyeshadow
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maimaimaired: GORGEOUS AND EASY. LOVE IT!!!!

Roxana Alecu: love this.just have to try it

Tiffanie Michelle: Super helpful, thank you!

Emily Cromb: Your so pretty

Special Rock: I have cheap eyeshadow from wallgreens.

Beauty Angel: I only use beige neutral colors...The light one as a base and the darker one on my eyelid...I will never use green,blue, purple colors on my eyelid, because it is not natural...I dont need to buy the Urban Decay palette, because I will not use the unnatural colors...sometimes I see eyeshadow tutorials where they us 6 colors and blend it for 30 minutes...I think it looks like a Dragqueen...And men hate a girl looking like a Dragqueen.

samanehbarca 1110600311: Your eyes are beautiful

Ray of Sunshine: Thank you!!!

Kris Suede: OMG !!!! Your the ONLY one who made this process simple and easy for me. All the other "beginners" video's has five brushes and twenty different make up colors, prime, shimmers, gloss, foot power, and anything else they claim will give you a glow. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, and THANK YOU. Very simple and easy something I can at least start off with.

Dawn Baby: I have mature, large, hooded lids so I'm not sure shimmer is the way to go for me but I may be wrong....has anyone got any suggestions please? xx

Luna Eclipse: I get so lost everytime.

syed mansoor: good good

abdul qudoos: U have beautiful eyes

Scheila Martins: it's not only one !

nur erina: I always have trouble applying eyeshadow on my eyes . Still strugling actually . Thank you so much for the video :)

whiny cat: freak makeup is hard

VAISHNAVI KAPOOR: Amizing eye make up

Sweet 2 Eat Baking: Quick question: when you're using the eye primer, are you setting that with powder or going straight in with the eyeshadow?

I know you said that you can use foundation and set with powder, but my issue is that my eyeshadow isn't really showing up well. It looks great in my mirror. When I take a photo without flash, it you can't really see my hard work. I've tried setting with foundation and translucent powder, and eye primer set with an eyeshadow that's my skin tone. Neither works.

To clarify, I use a transition shade above the crease, a darker colour through my crease, a lighter colour on my inner lid, and a dark colour on my outer V. All I see is the darker colour in photos. I'm using the correct brushes: blending brushes and flat shadow brushes. It's not my eyeshadows too as I have a selection of high end shadows as well as drug store ones. I'm kinda stumped! 🤔

C M: very helpful!

Joan Season: I love this tutorial. I hope it works on me
Beginners Makeup using ONE Eyeshadow 5 out of 5

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Beginners Makeup using ONE Eyeshadow