Nexus S Camera Review

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Nexus S Camera Review
Nexus S Camera Review
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Samsung Nexus S usability review 4: Camera
Samsung Nexus S usability review 4: Camera

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Cheyanne Hatfield: Pinch to zolm

Muhammad Arif: I think there is no zoom option in this mobile Oh why i bought this???

Whossie's Compilation: how come i can't find something to zoom the camera? does it mean that this phone don't have any zoom?

Hamza Rafiq: how to zoom camera ??

tipoomaster: The camera is much improved with third party apps, for example Vignette allows tap to focus. I hope Ice Cream Sandwich fixes this.

tipoomaster: @mazza9567 Well, all smartphones have digital zoom so its really just cropping anyways, but with third party apps you can get it if you really want.

JAMAICAN TECH-DUDE: This camera is trash LG optimus 2x is much better

Mazza: so there's no Zoom? seems a little strange

Malloy4u2: yeah

eliassami5: this guy is an idiot......horrible reivew

lizardkingno2: HOW DO WE ZOOM?

riftenbub: Thx for the Review

issamu2k: I have both Nexus One and Nexus S, and I may add that one step back is on movie recorder, which the auto-focus remains disable. Taking a picture is fine, just like he showed. But man, even the poorer camera from nexus one record better close up videos than Nexus S.

reno fardiaz: is it can do video call? without apps from android market ex.fring? just fom the phone menu or call list menu. thank u. sorry for my bad english nice review

Fuzunga: So the camera has no zoom? That kind of sucks.

alpha01z: can you silent the camera noise
Nexus S Camera Review 5 out of 5

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Nexus S Camera Review