How To Grow LONG & STRONG Nails (long Nail Care Routine)

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How to grow LONG & STRONG nails (long nail care routine)
How to grow LONG & STRONG nails (long nail care routine)
How To GROW Long Strong Nails Fast At Home   SuperPrincessjo
How To GROW Long Strong Nails Fast At Home SuperPrincessjo
~Grow Strong Long Nails Fast~ Proven Tips
~Grow Strong Long Nails Fast~ Proven Tips

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lauren gheorghe: For anyone that thinks my nails are fake because they see a "second nail" underneath, that is not a nail. It's SKIN! The skin is called the hyponychium (google it). It's a very important skin that is located underneath the nail. It acts as a protectant for the nail bed, and prevents any infections from occurring. My nails are 100% natural and real; I would never try to deceive my viewers. Thank you so much for watching!! Much love :)

Staicy Masha: thanks alot for your video...atleast now i have great hopes of growing my nails. I would like to try out that Kiss double up top gel,is there a way i can get it? And how can you differentiate a lamp that has ''LED'' and ''UV'' light? please help.

Moonlight Leli: I read that led lamps are just stronger UV lamps, which means they would be even 'worse' than UV. Nail lamps generally aren't dangerous though (cannot cause skin cancer).

Chinita PR: Beautiful natural nails. This vid makes me want to take of the acrylic and let mine grow. Mine have always grown really fast but since I had my son, the are very weak and break easily so I gave up and started getting the covered with acrylic.

Silke: It honestly just comes down to genetics. I have very long nails that look like a slightly shorter version of this and I don't really do anything to take care of them

Crafty Kitty: The problem with my nails not growing isn’t them breaking, they just won’t grow

Emma Marie Donmez: omg she said 1D 😂 where are the one directioners at??

MB MB: But I for sure know that U CANNOT file ur nails in a BACN & FORTH MOTION!! It damages ur nails and puts too much stress on the nail!! DO NOT DO THAT!!

MB MB: Doesn’t dish soap 🧼 dry out ur nails??? I think?

Sheyla Giselle Vera: My nails are long and I don’t do anything and I’m only 12 years old. But there too thin so they end up breaking.

joblank74: I really enjoyed your video! I too have long natural nails and enjoy doing nail art and growing them. I find it also helps when growing your nails to apply oil under your nails. I also apply a layer of base coat on the back side of my nails. It protects the nail from getting water logged. Also when I get those little cracks on the side I use a little silk wrap before I apply the nail glue. It’s like a band aid for your nail. Also have you tried applying oil to your nails before you use the acetone? It really protects your skin nails from getting too damaged.

SpanishVamp🇨🇦: Me i just want to know how u get things done with them breaking or being in the way....

Vanessa Oetken: How do you get your nails so light? When I were nail polish they turned yellow af 😭

La Brightskinn: Omg...I love ur nails..😍😱...this will help alot nails only grow lil bit but when they grow they grow fast it's just hard to keep them from breaking.

FeStIvItY NATALEE: @simplynailocgical would be mad at this video

gospelevans: I wear gel nails that i do myself. They are long. I make my own freeedge gel with a cream yellow matteshadow. Looks clear polish

Never Tellingyou: 3:53 holosexuals are quaking


PunnyMegan: So what happened to me is I had grown my nails really long, as long as I had had them and on my pointer finger on the side the layers had separated and when I tried to take my Halloween costume off my nail snapped and so now all I have only a little bit of my nail left. Also on my ring finger my nail separated a bit from my finger what should I do?

Lucia The Unicorn: Yellow nails don’t matter! 💅🏻
How to grow LONG & STRONG nails (long nail care routine) 5 out of 5

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How to grow LONG & STRONG nails (long nail care routine)