I5 4 GHz Build 2010

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i5 4 GHz Build 2010
i5 4 GHz Build 2010
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IrishTopgun12: @Denny32SDL ich muss das nicht verstehen oder?

xxsekoxx: @militant123 Yeah your right man i know what you mean. I think the Corsair is like 69.99 or something. Those all in one water coolers dont do any better than with tower coolers though. Not from what ive seen anyway.

IrishTopgun12: @xxsekoxx glad to hear that ;)

xxsekoxx: @militant123 I went with the Venomous X and it works great! Even at 5.0GHz temps are fine under full load.

xxsekoxx: @IrishTopgun12 Yeah so its really hard to compare. I'm going to buy one at Micro Center tonight. Still not sure which one. Ive seen videos people hitting over 5ghz using the Cooler Master hyper 212. But they didnt list the temps.

IrishTopgun12: @xxsekoxx Keep in mind that i'm using a i5 750 and you are using a i5 2600k which is a totally different cpu on a totally different socket.

xxsekoxx: @IrishTopgun12 Ya i understand. And thats at 4.0? i'm looking to go to 5.0.

IrishTopgun12: @xxsekoxx well 65°C is only when all cores are at 100% load keep in mind that you will never get 100% load in gaming or any apps apart from video rendering and 3d moddeling.

xxsekoxx: @IrishTopgun12 I'll check it out. Thanks man. If your hitting 65c then i'll be in the 70's so that cooler wouldnt work. I'll check out the other one. I'm thinking of getting a Cooler Master v6 or v8 if they will fit.

IrishTopgun12: @xxsekoxx I get a max of 65°C under full load when my room is warm and I am rendering video but usually when I'm gaming i get a max of 55°C.I can recommend a Scythe Mugen 2 Rev B ,it's a really good air cooler which is very simular to the cooler I have and gets same or better performance.Not sure if one can mount the mugen 2 on a 1155 board you might want to look that up before you buy it or any other cooler.Hope i could help -XtremeBlackout

xxsekoxx: What kind of temps you running with that cooler at full load OC? I just build my machine with the i7 2600k and i have the same case you do and i'm looking for a cooler, still not sure what to use. I'm already OC to 4.4 on stock air.. WAY TO HOT UNDER LOAD! i'm planning on going higher but need a monster cooler. I want to stay with air.

IrishTopgun12: @WARFOX101 Well it totally depends on what one uses the PC for.If you game defnetly a DX11 GPU is worth getting but if you aren't gaming a stronger GPU with DX10 would be the better choice(e.g. 3D Moddeling).

IrishTopgun12: @WARFOX101 1.296 is the lowest I can go without instability.Thanks I'm using a Scythe Yasya.

Ramon Banda: @IrishTopgun12 Hold on this is where i disagree with ya bud. There is a big difference between DX10 and DX11. There is no way i would go back to my 4870 even if it was more powerful than my current 5970. i still wouldn't just because its not a DX11 card.

Ramon Banda: not bad @ 1.29v Have you been ale to lower the volts any @ 4.0GHz? and not bad temps on air great job.

WhoIamIsNotImportant: TESSELATION DX10 kills DX9 wtf....

IrishTopgun12: @msigt740 sure if you have the cash you can get anything you wan't :D I got myself the 6870.

UltraNSC: DX10 = DX9 DX9 = DX10 = DX10 is BULLcrap and it was just a quik Money making crap..like Vista... All the world knows already... Cheers

IHunger4Battle1: DX10 is okay, until you start seeing the difference that tesselation makes...DX10 cards just don't have the same architecture to compete visual-wise in the latest games and benchmarks. I've got a GTX 460 Hawk SLI setup and couldn't be happier...paid about as much as a GTX 480 and can knock it's socks off to boot (unless you SLI 480s...lol) as well as having half the heat issues. If you've got the cash...go with a DX11 card...it's not all hype...trust me. I went from a 4850 to a 5850.

IrishTopgun12: @Noojtxeeg Ok I get what you're saying.Yeah upgrading to a 5850 from a 4870 is unnescesary.And one doesn't eaven see a huge difference between DX10 and DX11 so upgrading for DX11 is really stupid.
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i5 4 GHz Build 2010